Stay Classy, Jackie Mason

One of the largest steaming piles of stupid to be found on YouTube is Jackie “Sniffles” Mason’s WorldNutDaily channel and he really outdid himself with his latest video. In this entry, titled “It’s time to thank God for Obama’s failures,” he babbles about how America is the greatest country in the world except when he says it isn’t the greatest country on Earth because Obama is destroying it but then at the end he says America has never been in better shape than it is now.  And then somewhere in the middle of that mindless, floppy-lipped mush he says the following about Obama (about 2 minutes in):

Not everybody deserves to be a president. A man like him should be a doorman, should be a singer, a dancer, a pilot…

MORE: If that wasn’t bad enough, guess which “brilliant” and “fascinating” person Mason (and his radioactive left arm) would like to see become the president? Yep, you nailed it.

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Mason referred to Barack Obama as a “schwartzer” during a performance in New York City on March 12, 2009, later saying “I’m an old Jew. I was raised in a Jewish family where ‘schwartzer’ was used,” he said. “It’s not a demeaning word and I’m not going to defend myself.” Schwartz means “black” in Yiddish.[4]

I’m an old Southerner. I was raised in a Southern family where ‘bigoted fucktard’ was used. It’s not a demeaning phrase and I’m not going to defend myself.

He’s still alive?


I can’t believe he left out shoe-shine boy.

Bizarrely, I see this guy on the street all the time on the West Side.  Invariably, he’s with one or more women who are a head taller than he is and young enough to be his daughters.  (At this point Queen Elizabeth is young enough to be his daughter, but still.)  The “doorman ... dancer” crap is obviously racist—but the Palin fandom is just his shriveled dick talking.

He’s still alive?

My thought exactly followed by “Why is he still alive?”

He keeps booking shows in Skokie (a Chicago suburb which has a very large Jewish population) and then cancelling. He’s not in high odor in these parts because of unprofessional bullshit like that. Besides, if I want to watch an overrated Jewish comic, I can turn to Sarah Silverman.

if I want to watch an overrated Jewish comic, I can turn to Sarah Silverman.

Thank God someone else noticed.

Though Tom, I still give Sarah credit for The Great Schlep. Her foul-mouthed cutie-pie routine just wears on me after a while.

Great writer, but just a horrible, horrible performer.

Besides, if I want to watch an overrated Jewish comic, I can turn to Sarah Silverman.

I like Sarah Silverman.  I guess that was payback for when I dissed Carrie Fisher on Facebook. Touche!

He’s still alive?

What makes you think that? Officially, brain death is supposedly definitive, but a real trouper (sp?) doesn’t let that stop him.

Hey but yeah, but hey but yeah but hey I’m still alive and my schtick still sucks.

Are you all sure he’s not dead?

Once every hundred years, the Catskill resorts emerge from the mists on the heath, and the happy villagers of Borschtadoon return to life for a single day. And for the whole of that day, Jackie Mason is clebrated far and wide as “No, not Lenny Bruce—the one that’s on Ed Sullivan all the time and opens for Myron Cohen.”

I will never get back the 5 minutes and 13 seconds of my life from watching this, whatever it was.

And I don’t wish no harm to you mr. Mason. But please STFU> think of the childen.

Ed Sullivan was right.

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