Still Not Getting It…

Three middle-aged-to-elderly white conservative men recently discussed ways to broaden the GOP’s appeal. Here’s a key insight from their confab:

I see that the way we will get the Hispanics and the other groups, the Asians, as part of the Republican Coalition is to get them first part of the great American Coalition. Make them think of themselves, not make but, persuade them to think of themselves primarily as Americans.

Oh. Ma. Ga. I don’t think they can hear themselves, friends. Bless their hearts.

[H/T: TPM; X-posted at Balloon Juice]

Posted by Betty Cracker on 12/04/12 at 04:41 PM • Permalink

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Lordy, these “people” are as dumb as dirt. I read that article and just rolled my eyes, because they just cannot get a finger on reality. I clicked to the comments, expecting a chorus of like-minded enablers, but found some equally dumbfounded Dems and some incredulous Republicans as well. Seems everyone else can see the bullshit in the air except those guys at the table.

I hope they’re never able to figure out why so many people despise them. Let them continue to fail as human beings and as a political party.

Because of course now they think of themselves as blahs and browns and everybody knows that’s not what Murkins are.

“I didn’t get a ‘harrumph’ out of that guy!”

Comment by Oblomova on 12/04/12 at 08:11 PM

Here’s a comment from a genuine Chinese-American voter posting at Sadly, No!

De-lurking, because oh for god’s sake…

I like that this Dennis Prager completely overlooked Asian-Americans in his summing up of groups who have given themselves over to evil. Modern public education? As a Chinese American, I can attest that Asians *love* public education. For us, it’s a major tool for social and economic advancement. And we haven’t failed to notice the fierce and caustic hostility that Republicans have for public education. That’s not all we notice.

We notice the Republicans’ racist assumption that African-Americans are stupid, and their conceit that all it takes to win them over is to serve up a bigger, flashier helping of bullshit.

We notice the patronizing and insulting attitudes that permeates Republican attitudes toward women. Do they really think that women are children, whose concerns about equal pay and equitable access to necessary health care can be waved away like Christmas wishes for rainbows and ponies?

We notice the suspicious and insulting manner by which Republicans treat Hispanics – despite the fact that many Hispanics have family roots in this country that go back for centuries, they assume that anyone with a Hispanic surname is an immigrant, and quite possibly an illegal one at that.

We noticed all that, and guess what? We voted for President Obama by a ratio of over two to one. ‘Cause we see all that, and, at the risk of trading in stereotypes here, we’re supposedly the “smart ones”. Ha ha! Maybe it’s a good thing we Asians have such a low profile – I don’t think I have the stomach to read some wingnut having a fit over some kind of “Fu Man Chu” influence, or some shit like that.

If you’ve read this far, thank you for your attention. Back to lurking.

Now about that wingnut having a fit over some kind of “Fu Man Chu” influence...

That’s pretty good, even the up & down votes agree w/ the general you are idiots theme. Maybe the old honkies can’t figure out how to sign into Disqus..

Judging from the comments, the average “Corner” reader is a snarky liberal.

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