stop-you’, errrrrr, stops

The laughably misguided and transparently bogus Stop Barack Obama site (“a Democratic source of accurate information about candidate Obama”) is, sadly, calling it quits. Hardly anyone took it seriously during the primaries, including most rabidly anti-Obama Hillshills, because it was clearly written by one sad white douchebag, sorely in need of a hobby and a modicum of shame, pretending to be four ethnically-mixed fuckheads, ranging from the feisty Latino spitfire Juanita Gonzales (talk to the hand, bitches!) to perhaps the clumsiest attempt at sockpuppetry ever, “brotha” Jamal McCoy (“The amount of melanin in my epidermis has nothing to do with my family relations”).

I know some folks will welcome’s demise as a harbinger of the future of the fragile network of the nutty anti-Obama blogs, but there’s a small part of me that’s sorry to see it go. I mean, my homie Jamal delivhud de bidness:

A relaxed observation about Barry’s Assassination Myth.  Where did it come from, who conceived it, spun it and sustains it?

Answer: As part of his Eternal Victim the Reincarnated Martyr of American fancy-pantsy-elitist-Black Kennedy Liberator of the American Masses… Boz-0 pulled the trigger on himself in order to claim the Championship Title of America’s Ultimate Victim.

The Narrative of “Assassination, ” is as Total Knock Out as it gets. Beats any Blockbuster Hit Black and Blue,  in suspense, drama, and Pure Kosher Parve Bull Shit!


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Goddammit! Juanita was kinda hot AND smart…as evidenced by the photo of her standing in front of a bookshelf and because she “loved to shock with critical opinions, such as her non-negosiable stand against illegal immigration.”


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