StrangeAppar8us Served Here: Thanksgiving Open Thread

We can rebuild him!!! (Central image of Strange taken from his own business card)

As long as the degeneration of society is managed and orchestrated by elites such as myself, I tend to see it as a net positive. The atavistic bonds of family and country that constrain human progress must be dissolved like silicone glue in ethyl ether, so that a new and grander scheme of cultural architecture may be imposed, not by patriots and politicians, but by thinkers, artists, engineers and Social Scientists—i.e., those of us who are to human evolution what the early astronauts were to the brave, uncertain but exhilarating Conquest of Space.

I’in’t that sweet? From Strange’s Turkey Day thread last year, where he field-dressed one particular Frozen Turkey (or “America’s Backseat Driver” as he dubbed her) with wicked accuracy:

Thanks, Sarah! On this day of solemn yet joyful introspection, as we reconcile the ledger of our individual hardships against the ever-renewing bounty of our Freedom and the never-failing Spirit of Generosity that infuses our families and countrymen, your Queeg-like paranoia and consuming obsession with petty slights and score-settling are an inspiration to us all!

Happy Thanksgiving! Though still seriously ill, Strange has evaded the Man In The Back Of The Picture, for which we are incredibly grateful. Watch this space for announcements concerning upcoming fundraising for him very shortly, and as always we give thanks for all our Roastafarian friends.

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Thinking positive thoughts for Strange and his recovery. Thanks for the updates. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Good to know that he’s making progress. Am still warming up my PayPal finger.

Mary, thanks. We’ll have PayPal all set up properly for fundraising on Monday. Keep that finger warm.

Hi Terry! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

I am thankful for all of you! Best wishes to Mr. Appar8us, and much turkey or suitable vegetarian / intravenous substitute.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and best wishes to Strange!

My wife and I blogged about SNL’s history of Thanksgiving songs, listen and read about them here.

Comment by JasonM on 11/24/11 at 11:10 AM

Happy Turkey Day, all, and thanks for the Strange update. Glad things are progressing positively!

What great news!

May your shit that’s fucked up be not fucked up no more.

Thanks muchly for your good Strangewishes, everybody. That T-day thread I linked to is full of goodness: trollery, unctuousness, and Sarah Palin, all dispatched neatly by the Man.

For the Pollys’ holiday, Mama-San is here, which means last night I went on TWO wine runs, TWO. And while I was out, the last of the whiskey was put to less than peaceful purposes.

Happy happy! At least we’ll be well lubricated as we head to the house of an obsessive-compulsive Thanksgivingian friend today. I intend to come home and spend the remainder of Thanksgiving time under the divan, exploring the inside of the empty decanter with my long, prehensile tongue.

Happy thanksgiving everybody!  Many, many things to be thankful for today - family and good friends being at the top of the list.

Shopping can commence tomorrow but today we need to Respect the Bird!

I want to extend a special thanks to Mrs. P, Marindenver, and Kevin and his lovely wife for their boots-on-the-ground service to Strange. May we all be as rich in friends in the years to come!

I’m just waiting for my cue, fundraising-wise, and very happy to hear each bit of Strange-is-getting-better news.

exploring the inside of the empty decanter with my long, prehensile tongue.

Video or it didn’t—aha! This* will be a little gift for contributing to the fundraiser, right? Beats tote bags!

* “This” means seeing the video, not playing decanter to Mrs. Polly, although hey, whatever floats your boat.

I’m glad Strange is doing better.  I have my PayPal account at the ready - just give me the word.  And, thank you so much RRers for taking care of him.  Y’all rock as well.

@Mrs. P., may you have the strength of a thousand women to make it through the visit by Mama-san.

And merry Christmas, everyone… Wait, that’s not right.

Anyway, good to hear that Strange is on the mend.

Hey, y’know what I did in honor of StrangeAppar8us for Thanksgiving?

Go ahead, guess.




Oh, that’s right, you can’t actually throw things through the internet. Damn, I was hoping to save a few bucks on produce.

Well, Gil, with this here trebuchet, you might even end up with the basis for a pie.

@Mr. Whipple: Here’s to Strange enjoying a few more sandwiches. ;->

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