Sully and Joe Klein Tee-Up Palin for Failed Vanity Run

Because, as any Freeper will tell you, Liberal media always promotes the weakest Conservative candidate to run against Our Guy. I only hope she was watching.

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WTF is wrong with Andrew Sullivan?  He may deny it, but he really, really wants Palin to both run and to win.  Is he into S&M with a special fondness for the submissive role or what, because nothing else explains it. 

Andrew can hype her all he wants, but polls show most people can’t stand her, much less consider her presidential.

Boat.  Me.  In it.  I would rather watch Michele Bachmann do her crazy-eyed shtick than listen to Andrew Sullivan.  Wanker.

What asiangrrlMN said, and that goes double for Klein.  Those two spent the better part of the Bush 43 years badmouthing dems as “terror enablers” and like.  In Sully’s case, Bush was okay with him until he started actively campaigning against gay marriage.

Sullivan expects Palin is running in the same way that a person who fears bees is positive “that one, over there!” is coming right for them, or a person who is afraid of flying comes to believe that the very plane they’re on is gonna crash. The fear carries with it a belief in the inevitability of the worst case scenario. If Sarah Palin were to run and win a GOP primary, it would mean that reasonable, intellectual conservatism was dead in this country.

But just like stingers on insects are a result of a particular path of evolution, and plane crashes are bound up in the realities of mechanical failures and gravity—that McCain picked Palin in ‘08 is just a symptom of the decay already all around him.

(I was out in the sun earlier—I hope I haven’t baked my cranium too much.)

If Sarah Palin were to run and win a GOP primary, it would mean that reasonable, intellectual conservatism was dead in this country.

For all intents and purposes, it is.

And he does admit this, from time to time.  Personally, I put a lot of this on Sully’s drama queen tendencies—it’s always 30 seconds to midnight in Sullyworld!

I don’t like the idea of Sully and Joke Line on the same planet, much less the same TV show. The concentration of purile wankery could seriously snarl up, snarl up the spspace-time continuuuuuummmm.

Hey, just because they’re both self-satisfied twits who waste their undeniable intelligence writing brain-dead right wing apologia disguised as intelligent moderate commentary is no reason to…

Oh, hell.  Dogpile the twerps.

Sully is social pornography at this point, with only one redeeming feature: he demonstrated that AIDS drugs do, indeed, work.
Otherwise, we’d all be better off if he were dead. Intellectually banal, socially prurient, and sexually repulsive—a completely disgusting human being.

Well, “dead” is a little extreme—but if he stopped writing and opened a Tastee Freeze, I don’t think anyone would mind.

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