Sunday Krazy Konspiracy Klue Jumble

Hey, ‘Roasters! Can you “connect the dots” in this 1980s music video by Godley & Creme? It features a spooky Mechanical Mannequin Band that seems to be mocking the viewer, so you just know it’s talking to you!

Here are some obvious clues to get you started:

—“New York”
—“Strange Apparatus” (FOUR times, at least)
—Queen-like vocal harmonies
—Something that sounds like “Jewish Barack”
—“No Way Street” (Possible address or Google Map coordinates?)

There’s lots more, but I’m not going to do all the work for you. Let’s share the fun!

Post your Krazy Konspiracy scenarios in the comments below. Printed lyrics are here, so feel free to cheat. We’ll compile the best crackpot hallucinations and forward them to the Federal Bureau of Futile Wankery for impartial prize judging.

Good luck and Goo Goo G’Joob!

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It’s clearly a reenactment of Denver, with the mannequins representing delegates, and Soros conducting.

In the lower left there’s a somewhat heavy woman in what seems to be a pantsuit. Draw your own conclusions.

Now that’s Obots acting in concert! Sounding like Queen, and in salute to the Godley one!

Who’s the Creme in their coffee, hmmmmmm? I wonder…..

But trying to throw the enemy off by altering the spelling of your name, Strange, only works when you have a particularly stupid enemy. ;^)

It features a spooky Mechanical Mannequin Band

As non-performing video directors, Godley & Creme brought us those other spooky Mechanical Mannequins, the one in Herbie Hancock’s “Rockit” video, as well as a lot of other ‘80s videos.


Yep—G&D were pretty ubiquitous, Steve. They schooled a ton of up-and-coming talents, even though they themselves were mostly invisible to the mass market. Brilliant stuff.

Thanks for the links!

I really don’t need to point out that “Jewish Baroque” clearly means Rahmbama, do I?

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