Sunday Morning Music: First 2012 Presidential Debate—The Autotuned Version!

The technology exists nowadays to do this in real time. Just saying.

Open thread if you want it. How has Obama, or life in general, disappointed you today? Or whatever.

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Strange was hoping someone would post this, so thank you, Brit!

There’s also the Taiwanese Animation, and it’s pretty brutal, but I have a quibble with this one that I don’t usually have with them: it’s missing an important detail. There’s no mention of the remarkable string of prevarications that issued from Mittens. Too bad! The truth was a gorier casualty than even our favorite giant canary.

Really loving these things. lol

No disappointments today: AT&T fixed my cell bill, and hubs and I will be meeting for dinner to celebrate our birthdays (mine was Friday, his is today) and his new job. We have a rough month ahead as we transition to biweekly paychecks after dealing with getting the car smogged and registered (which, of course, made it hard to pay other bills because the car couldn’t just PASS, it needed REPAIRS), but TODAY? Is good.


Strange was hoping someone would post this, so thank you, Brit!

I’m delighted. Tell him this one’s for the Gipper, and I’m happy to serve as his avatar whenever he has any other recommendations.

There’s also the Taiwanese Animation, and it’s pretty brutal

Yeah, I didn’t think it was up to scratch either. Similarly, there’s a new BLR of Ryan that’s I don’t think’s that great, so I haven’t bothered posting it (though if somebody else wants to ...).

Glad to hear things are working out, domynoe. And Many Happy Returns!

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