Sunday Sermon and Open Thread

Preach it, Brother Bill:

So, it’s Super Bowl Sunday. What are y’all cooking for the occasion, if anything? Does anyone have a good recipe for onion dip that does not include Lipton’s Onion Soup Mix? I intend to try this Alton Brown recipe unless someone has a better suggestion.

Also, Giants or Patriots? I’m not particularly fond of either team (my team is the sucky Bucs), but I’m leaning toward the Giants for no particular reason.

Posted by Betty Cracker on 02/05/12 at 07:04 AM • Permalink

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Superbowl means nothing to me as neither team means anything to me. And I can’t enjoy Superbowl snacking because I just had teeth pulled Friday, so nothing crunchy, salty, spicy, or hard to chew. So I’m a pouty crybaby.

The husband and son will probably root for the Giants just because there are five players from our home state of Ohio. How lame is that? And they will be eating all the good snacks.

Awww man, sorry about your tooth, Donnah! That sucks.

Thanks, Betty. Please enjoy a delicious dip and other delightful goodies for me.

At least it didn’t happen at Thanksgiving.

We are big Alton Brown and Giants fans.

Go Jints!  Why?  Because:

a. I used to live in NYC.
b. I have friends there.
c. I drove around Boston once and was infuriated to find myself at intersections with NO STREET SIGNS ANYWHERE.

In other words, good football reasons.  Meanwhile, dip schmip.  I’m thinking of making these:

Comment by Mr.Wonderful on 02/05/12 at 11:51 AM

Alton’s recipe sounds great!  Carmelized onions make just about anything better.  We’re going with Mr. marindenver’s dill pickle dip and lite potato chips.  My homemade pizza for dinner.

I don’t have feelings one way or the other about either team (OK, full disclosure, any football team, even the one that Tebow person allegedly plays for) but definitely rooting for the numbers!  We’re in a pool at our local drinking hole*.  It was started at the beginning of the season and the pot carried over every week if not won (which it actually never was) so it is now huge!  We have 6 sets of numbers so maybe we’ll win a little!

*Not disclosing the name because I’m not entirely sure it’s legal for them to do that.  ;-)

Oh, and, love, love, loved the clip!  Maher can be an asshole sometimes but when he’s on, he’s really on.

Glanced at the game occassionally with the sound off.  However, the weirdest damned thing I’ve seen in years was the halftime show of Madonna’s Spartan-fest/crotchthrust-athon, made extra bizarre since there was no sound (maybe that was a mercy - not a big Madonna fan). 

No wonder the aliens haven’t contacted us yet.

The dip was fantastic, BTW, and easy to make except for the crying involved in chopping up all those onions. Mr. C is one of those people who idealizes some product or food that is no longer accessible and then holds everything that actually is available to that impossible standard. In this case, it was a discontinued chip dip brand. Well, he said the Alton Brown version surpassed even that lofty standard.

As for Madonna, I can only hope that I’m half that limber when I’m 53. Some wag on Twitter commented that, “Lady Gaga looks awful!” Tee-hee.

Well, I’m 53 and I’m about that limber (yoga - it helps a lot, plus a generally full play schedule).  Stay active your whole life and your life stays whole…

Just watched the clip; the only thing that will keep Maher from being attacked in Alabama at his next tour date is that the unbaptism he performed was a Mormon unbaptism.  I hope he’s taking good care with his personal security; I’d hate to lose the guy to the forces of the religio-fundamenical-complex.

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