Sundays Are Ruined FOREVER!!!

It’s official, Michael Sam is now the first openly gay player to be drafted by an NFL franchise, the St Louis Rams.  After he was picked in the seventh round of the NFL draft, he did what any person would do, he kissed his significant other.  In the aftermath of this completely normal human activity, the sound of heads exploding must have echoed throughout certain regions of the U.S.

With that kiss, Michael Sam has utterly ruined watching big, muscular guys in tight spandex getting physical with each other every Sunday after church! FOREVER!!!

Here’s wishing a long, successful career to Mr Sam, and a happy life together for the couple.

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I hope he does very well at football, because he is going to be so subject to judgement. But I especially hope he is a great success at foot ball beause this game is so about masculinismo, and maybe it needs to just be about who is good at it.

Here’s wishing a long, successful career to Mr Sam, and a happy life together for the couple.

AMEN, yo.

I hope he and his SO are strong and ready to handle what we all know will happen, and I pray any unpleasantness doesn’t happen very often (even better: not at all, ever).  Good job, sir!

Long after I wrote this, I hit upon a hypothetical New York Post headline for Michael Sam’s draft results: “First Openly Gay NFL Player Gets Ram Job on Live TV!”


Ah, the Rams. Sam the Ram. Has a ring to it!

They looked adorable together. The look of concern on the SO’s face was so touching. I was more weirded out by the extreme southern taste displayed in the home in which they were watchign the results, and all the extremely blonde women dancing around cheering. I don’t know anyone that blonde.

I think he’s with his fellow players and their girlfriends.

That so totally made my day and I don’t even like football!  But Michael was willing to put his whole future on the line by not denying who he was.  I know they think he’s too small and too slow to really make it but regardless of how his NFL career turns out he is already a hero to every bullied gay kid in the world.  You go Michael!  And your SO is totally the cutest kid ever.  Good luck to you both.  You really deserve it!

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