Super Important Rumproast Bulletin!!!

  • Roastacon is definitely on for June 6th at 6PM! Many thanks to Mrs. Polly for helping scout out a great location for a Saturday night in the quaint little town of Manhattan. If you’d like to attend, please email me via roastacon|at| using the email addy you use to comment here and include your screen name. I’ll be sending out an extremely detailed and classified email this weekend with all of the info. If I get my shit together, I may set up a private forum for attendees, but don’t hold your breath. In addition, if you’d like to proudly announce to the whole damn world that you’re attending, please do so in the comments here.
  • What part of “don’t hold your breath” didn’t you understand?  Stop it!
  • I’ve received several reports that Rumproast is getting blocked by IT fascists at some places of employment.  Since it’s extremely important to me that YOU ARE NOT PRODUCTIVE AT WORK (Galt!), if your stupid bosses are blocking this extremely prestigious, award-winning blog, please ask your tech support geeks (threaten them if you have to) what web blocking software/service your company uses and email me the info at bringit|at| Thank you. Fuck.
  • I am going to try extremely hard again to redesign this blog to make it a lot more flexible (sexy!).  I tried a few weeks back and failed miserably because I have some insane notion of doing it all in CSS (aka swine flu).  My goal is to complete it by this Saturday.  Since everyone very predictably hates web redesigns except for the people who create them, please get it out of your systems now by complaining about how much it sucks in the comments. I don’t want my weekend ruined. Thx!
  • Follow Rumproast on Twitter because I tweet stuff like a video of monkeys having sex on the hood of a car. Oh, you dirty, dirty monkeys! Since this is an extremely prestigious, award-winning blog, I can’t post stuff like that here, so it’s like bonus material for bad people. Or something like that.

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Oh, and fuck the redesign.

I’ll be there. Is the Harriet Christian scavenger hunt still on the agenda?

Is the Harriet Christian scavenger hunt still on the agenda?

Unfortunately, she moved to Alaska.  She’s Trig’s nanny.

The girlfriend and I will both be there. And no, she won’t be making anyone sandwiches!

Inadequate Black Font!

TS from Instaputz said he wanted to go to the bar where she’s a waitress and order an Inadequate Black Russian.

Feeling a bit testy, are we, Kevin? Fear not, I will refrain from any and all complaints, no matter how badly you manage to fuck up my blog.

I am going to try extremely hard again to redesign this blog to make it a lot more flexible (sexy!).

In what respect, Charlie?

I’m giving deep and serious contemplation to attending Roastacon and will decide within a few days.

Oh, and the redesign sucks.

Feeling a bit testy, are we, Kevin?

Grrrrrrrrrrrrr! I am aggrieved!

In what respect, Charlie?

Why is everyone calling me Charlie? What have I done to you people? Everyone knows I much prefer Contessa.

I wish I understood Twitter.  Maybe somebody can explain it to me at Roastacon.  Do I have to get a Blackberry now?  Funny monkey video, Kevin.

I love how the monkey finishes in seconds and then immediately falls sleep. Know what I’m saying, ladies? Thank you, tip the veal, try your waitress!

Christ, this guy Kevin is the worst web designer on the face of Christ’s earth.  Fuck…

And Mar - I’ll get you hooked up if you want to wait til the 6th. (Cramming more useless tech down your throat).

May I just sit out here and quaff beer whilst you all plot the destruction of our country?

I mean, white men are being attacked all over the place, white CHRISTIAN men, and no one seems to give a damn, what’s up with that? I mean, if you lefties had people like Hannity, Limbuagh and Levin on your side you’d protect them the way you have protected those whitey-killers, Obamafascist and Sotomayor! What fucking kind of name is Sotomayor anyway?

Oh, and fuck the re-design, and fuck Bill Kristol. Also.

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