Sweet Jesus I Can’t Stand Rick Santorum

I think it’s time I got this out in the open; those familiar with my blogging history will know this, but if anyone hasn’t gotten the 411 yet, I actually can’t stand my former Senator Rick Santorum. I’ve tried to view him as a sincere human being whose beliefs simply don’t coincide with my own, in any respect, who nonetheless has the full complement of human reactions to events and considers them against his own value system, weighing those events in due course of time with sobriety and in the interest of fairness towards the persons who are the actors and victims in society’s turbulent never-ending parade of events, small and large. And yet, upon hearing anything he ever says ever, some part of me simply hears the flatulence of an inflamed asshole.

For this reason, I view his failure to get any delegates at all in the Puerto Rico contest and his lack of an attempt to narrow the gap in Illinois with some mirth. He went to Puerto Rico as if specifically to tell these people they needed to speak English to be considered for statehood. Translation: Screw your folkways, if English was good enough for the Bible, it’s good enough for Puerto Rico.

He’s touchy that people keep talking about contraception, so he’s going to talk about contraception.

(What the-?)

He loses Michigan with a diversion into how much he couldn’t stand JFK’s embrace of separation of church and state, but then he snuggles deep into the lap of “Christian-nation-hood” on the eve of Illinois. I guess because everyone needs a reminder that he’s the darling of the designated hate-group crowd.

And just today, he makes the absurd statement that this election isn’t about unemployment or the economy, which would be what any rational person might think the election would be about as we climb out of a recession. Nope, folks, it’s about freedom. He might clamp down on contraception, pornography, teleprompters, make people speak English, and dictate out of the Catholic catechism circa whenever Santorum was schooled in the particulars of his faith, but he will ensure that people are free to go without health care, or even job security, or a path to higher education, because that’s the kind of freedom he believes in. If freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose, consider him as down with that as can be. He’s promising nothing. And a little disapproving of everything else.

I’d like to think he was nearly out of the race, but I don’t think he is. Unfortunately, he has something Romney, Gingrich, and Paul don’t have—a “narrative”.  He’s the pro-life faith candidate who lost big in his home state six years ago and is looking to redeem himself while he also redeems America from wickedness. Sadly, I was reminded recently by the HBO movie Game Change that narratives can override substance in an emotional campaign. I’d like to think Santorum would lose by virtue of his awfulness, but that he hasn’t so far unnerves me.

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Santorum took a bad situation and made it worse by allegedly asserting — and then insisting he was misqoted— that if Puerto Rico wanted to become a U.S. state that its populace needed to learn English.

Misquoted, eh?

Maybe he should have told his spokesman that.

Gidley added that “if we would’ve known that Mitt Romney was going to so blatantly pander to the Puerto Rican people and tell them they don’t have to learn English to become a state — we might have rethought the strategy.”

Mine, too—13 years in the Lehigh Valley. 

It is still, despite everything, unthinkable that he get the nom.  If he does, it will be like science fiction.  I don’t think he’d win.  But what do I know?

I’ve tried to view him as a sincere human being whose beliefs simply don’t coincide with my own

You’re too kind to the wingnut- he views you as a combination brood mare/temptress.  Of course, that’s how he views all women.

That .gif is hilarious!

He’s not my former Senator, but I can recognize an asshat when I see and hear one. The Religious Righties where I work think he is truly God’s Gift to the Red, White, and Blue, but then they were grousing when Obama came here for the NCAA First Four Tournament game. It’s not like they would embrace anyone less than a religious freak show like Santorum.


Another awesome post!

My Dad—the staunch Republican, devoted Catholic and lifelong Philadelphian—absolutely despised Santorum.  Dad and I didn’t always agree on political issues, but, well, Santorum….

Santorum, at least, appears to enjoy campaigning whereas mingling with the hoi polloi is an odious chore for Romney.  If Romney had a scintilla of warmth peeking through his shell he’d be sailing towards the nomination.

Ha, glad I’m not the only one who absolutely can’t stand Little Crusader Ricky Sanctorum.  And while I personally have no issues about men and women not married to each other {gasp} sharing a couch, I’d be hard put to share any space at all with Ricky.  Just knowing he exists in the universe is revolting enough.

I just spent some time in Canada with a group of, well, Canadians, and the one person they know of from the rethug primaries is Lil Ricky.  Because they think he is an incredibly, laughably insane christopath. 

Also, a quick review of comments on Canadian news sites reveals that “your thinking is as crazy as any in the US” is a pretty rock solid put-down, easily understood by all. 

As Mr. Pierce would say: this is your democracy.  Cherish it.


Good word! Long “i” or short?

My absolute favorite description of Lil Ricky comes from Andy Borowitz:  “mental patient in a sweater vest”.

In a just world, when Santorum dies, every TV channel in America would run that GIF.

Jewish Steel, the Canuckians all used a long “i” (but only after I taught it to them). 

It was almost embarassing to have nice, normal Canadians looking at all Americans as having 3 heads and all of them full of sand, though they were using what they’ve heard of the rethug primary to come to that conclusion, so who can blame them?

”...some part of me simply hears the flatulence of an inflamed asshole.”

Pretty much sums up the conservatives, teabaggers and all.

I’m stealing that one.  And not giving you credit.

Charles Pierce, I believe, prefaces each mention of Santorum’s name with “and I have I mentioned what a colossal dick Rick Santorum is?”

Now you know how my heart sank, here in California, when Ronald Reagan was elected President.

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