Tab for US Wars Since 9/11: $3.7 Trillion

That’s a scochey bit more than the $50-60 billion Paul Wolfowitz told us the invasion of Iraq would run, and roughly the cost of 1,000 replacement World Trade Centers, at 2001 prices.

There’s some room for juggling in there, but you get the idea. Plus, I understand some innocent people got hurt.

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But remember: Medicare and Social Security are bankrupting this country.

It makes me burst into tears, this horrible horrible hatred of America. Why can’t liberals just love America?

...gag. I’m SO glad the Bush years are over, even though their stench lingers.

For 3.7 Trillion, we could give $266,000 to each of the 13.5 Million unemployed people in this country right now to go back to school or start a new small business.  This is assuming you just gave them the money outright and never expected to see a penny of it again.

Imagine the horror: millions of people would be given a path to upward economic mobility, which would lower crime rates.  And they’d be paying into Social Security, which means Social Security would be financially set for decades, if not centuries more without any changes. 

Perhaps worst of all, they’d be paying income taxes, which means that tax revenues would go up and we would not only not have a deficit (even a 1% reduction in the unemployment rate would balance the nation’s books), but a major surplus—which, as we know from Republicans ca. 2000-2001, are the worst thing that can ever happen to an economy. 

Glad we dodged that bullet.

But didn’t oil revenues pay for it so really it’s a wash?  Or not.

Remember, $2 billion a year of air conditioning of both our land wars.

Remember, $2 billion a year of air conditioning of both our land wars.

Arthur Koestler theorized that human beings are an evolutionary dead-end that will eventually have to reboot to the “last known good configuration” and start over on a different arc. I tend to agree.

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