Taylor Marsh’s bio

Ouch, this one’s going to leave a mark. Finally, someone looks into Marsh’s overinflated bio (including her oft-repeated claim that she’s a radio talk show host) and the results aren’t pretty. Let’s see how she handles the fine-tooth comb treatment.

Posted by Kevin K. on 03/31/08 at 07:09 AM • Permalink

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Thanks for the mention.  By the way, the borderline NSFW photo is no longer there.  I sort of rotate pics in that spot every week.

John Brown

Thanks, John.  I pulled the warning.  Nice investigative work!

Damn, Gina. Now, if only JB could pull the rug out from under Jeralyn Merritt…

Ha! I remember us wondering here if she was just a podcaster with delusions of grandeur ages ago. I’d never heard of the woman until she became Clinton’s self-appointed attack Shih Tzu and pissed off legions of Obama-favoring bloggers. It’s fame of a sort…an icky sort. Hopefully when Obama secures the nomination, she’ll crawl back under the rock from whence she came and enjoy a well-deserved obscurity.

I heard of Marsh before she showed herself as being this kind of whackjob, one of my friends would link to her.  I always thought her writing was atrocious.  Funny thing is, though, back when she started blogging she had all of these blog ads running everywhere for her site—expensive ads running on high traffic blogs.  Who paid for those?  I suppose she must have been good at stroking the egos of big bloggers, too, since she got links beyond her advertisements.

I’d be interested in knowing how that all went down, too, tas…

Maybe Taylor Marsh will eventually get some of those questions from sources she can’t ignore as easily as she can little ol’ me, huh?  Lol…

If I could justify spending a boatload of cash on ads pointing to my post about her in order to make that happen, I would. 

There’s something about the inexplicable popularity of Ms. Marsh that really makes me curious…...

John Brown

An update on Marsh:

http://johnbrownks.blogspot.com/2008/04/who-is-taylo r-marsh-update-for-bio-tall.html

John Brown

Marsh won’t be going anywhere if Clinton wins the nod. She will just become a ‘McCain Democrat,’ like her whining commenters.

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