Taylor Marsh’s Latest Vlog

Well, I got nothing, but figured we needed to run something up the flag pole, so here’s the latest vlog from professional blogger/Pat Benetar impersonator/radiopodcast host Taylor Marsh. Enjoy the boogie oogie oogies, you snarky bastards!

p.s. Sure, what the hell, open thread this like a mofo. Let us know if you blogroll the ‘Roast and would like the favor returned.

Posted by Kevin K. on 01/31/11 at 07:18 AM • Permalink

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Did someone say “Bunga Bunga”?

Needs more “99 Problems.”

So this is what women do when they’re alone in the voting booth?

Is this a rejected audition tape from RuPaul’s Drag Race?

Best work Taylor’s done in ages! It’s also nice to see a former PUMA engaging in a less hostile form of interpretive dance than the kitties were doing in summer of 2008.

@Strange: if our objections to electronic voting machines seemed out of proportion, now you know why. There was just something intimately freeing about pulling that lever that drew the little curtain.

Oh, that’s Tengobaila (aka Diana Campanella)! She OWNS.

(I’m not a hippie, but I know and love hippies.)

Comment by Comrade Mary on 01/31/11 at 12:01 PM

Why? Why? OMG, WHY??!

And, of course, always one to make matters worse for my poor defenseless eyeballs, I went to look at the comments.

Congratulations for your video. I suggest that you make a new style, like cabaret chair dance… I like it. Take care ;)

Yes, please. I’m dying to wear that spacesuit/dance thing out in public but have no real reason to do so—yet. With a new style everyone will be envious of me and absolutely no one will laugh at me. o.O

Argh! How did that all that turn into mail links?

(Because you clicked the wrong button.)

(Shut up.)


(aka Diana Campanella)! Also.


Comment by Comrade Mary on 01/31/11 at 12:07 PM

Mary, I fixed it for you. You used the @ brackets instead of the <a> brackets, that’s all. I do it all the time.

You mean that that wasn’t Taylor Marsh, for once expressing the sort of joie de vivre we have never come to expect from the perma-scowling PUMAtics of the oxygen-depleted PUMAsphere?

Sad, sad, unutterably sad.

Thanks, Strange. And I’m a web designer.

*hangs head in shame*

You mean that that wasn’t Taylor Marsh

No but there might be one of her out there.

Don’t steal any of those pictures of her, though.  She will come after you and she will get you.


Twenty-one seconds. All I could take.

Step 1:  Learn to dance
Step 2:  Make a video of yourself dancing

She skipped Step 1.

Strangely mesmerizing once you stifle your flight reflex. When you reach the end, you find this woman has posted 14 more of these.

I hate to break it to her, but Soul Train was cancelled 5 years ago…

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