Taylor Marsh’s new vlog

Taylor “Mushy” Marsh is now a radio and television talk show host. I dare you not to get seasick.

UPDATE: Future (current?) McCain Democrat Mushy, who is doing all of us naive Democrats who weren’t stupid enough to vote for Reagan like she did a huge favor by aggressively “vetting” Barack Obama so we don’t make The.Biggest.Mistake.Ever., picked up some loathsome trackbacks with her trumped-up and wild-eyed “Barack Obama’s Willie Horton” post. Take a gander at all of the wingnuts who linked favorably to her post here.  She even got Commander Cockslap at Protein Deficiency to crawl out of semi-retirement to approvingly link to her blog three times in one short post.  And Technorati missed some more nutter love oozing all over Mushy’s bullshit from the likes of Right Wing Nut House and Stop the ACLU. Charming.  I’ve asked it before and I will ask it over and over again, why do some A-list blogs like Digby’s Hullabaloo, Sadly, No! (huzzah?!) and Crooks & Liars still link to this petty and destructive basketcase? [CORRECTION: Brad from Sadly, No! has removed the link to Taylor from his blogroll. Last time I checked it was still on there.  Bravo.]

SNORT: Tina Fey has emboldened the Hillshills. This comment cracked me up.

Should say “I will wear the BITCH label well.” I have been a bitch and called a bitch, for years. I just now realized that it is a HUGE compliment.

abycat | 02.24.2008 - 12:12 pm

No comment necessary, is there?

Posted by Kevin K. on 02/24/08 at 12:19 AM • Permalink

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Amen, brother. It’s way past time to throw Mushy from the train…

When we start our band, let it be called the Balloon Smugglers.

I wish Gus Hall was still around.  He made sense to me.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gus_Hall

Is that woman serious?  Is it a joke?

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