Tea Bag Rethug Rep Urges Average Americans to Give Up Country Clubs to Cut Back


Oh dear heavens.  I was wondering how long it would take until we got to the “let them eat cake” level of Rethuglican discourse.  Listen to it:

But, but, if I give up a couple of my clubs can I still keep my corporate jet tax breaks plz?

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When this guy has no car, no heat, no insurance and piggybacks wireless service off his neighbor’s router, he can lecture me on the virtues of national belt-tightening.

Expensive cars? Clubs? DUDE! I’m worried about my husband having a job next month and you want me to stop paying for things I already don’t pay for?

Oh, wait, you’re not even thinking about MY existence. I don’t make $250k+/year. And, you know, us poor people don’t really exist. And if we did, we certainly wouldn’t count as anything important.

I cannot even begin to express the rage the Repooplicans in general, and the TPers in specific, are bringing up in me. They need to go create their own little island they can destroy without dragging the rest of us down with them.

I’m afraid that dragging the rest of us down with them is the whole point; we’re elitists doncha know.

God forbid Andrea Mitchell (although maybe she did; it’s a short clip) or any other Village “personality” should ask these fuckheads who invoke the simpleminded “getting our house in order” simile, the basic Question Which Must Not Be Asked:

If you’re paying more than you’re taking in, wouldn’t it help to take more in?

The more they invoke that—and especially the more they call it “common sense” or “really very simple”—the more it should be…well, to coin a phrase, shoved down their throats.

If welfare queens drive Cadillacs they must also belong to country clubs. Q.E.D.

Seriously, unless he was telling his Corporate Masters that the party is over (Ha ha ha ha ha I made a funny), that was fucking grotesque.

The country club elite are all “fur coat and no knickers” as my old daddy used to say, in other words all of their wealth is debt, they are so up to their necks in debt it is not even funny.  When the interest rates go through the roof they are all gonna be hurting.  The rest of us non “country club” types will live off our stocks of mac and cheese and do quite nicely thank you.  In other words my boss is fucked, while I will do just fine, thank you very much.

They don’t continue paying for country club dues, they drop out of the country club.  They don’t keep paying for expensive automobiles, they buy a cheaper BMW and put an “M3” emblem they got off eBay on it.  They don’t buy a new monocle every time theirs gets unpolished, they hire a Guatemalan child to polish their monocles for them.  They don’t throw out the filet mingon that Jenkins let get a little past medium rare—they feed it to the dog.

In defense of the sad 14-year old Austrian girl married off to an indolent, vain, spoiled capricious “prince,” may I interject that Marie is the victim of calumny, libel and slander. She never uttered those words (how do I know? Because I know, motherfucker).

On the other hand, the folks who actually belong to country clubs are the same motherfuckers Rep. Shistain regularly fellates, so blow me, Broun.

The country club elite are all “fur coat and no knickers”

What’s wrong with that?  I had a gfriend who dressed like that.  I had no complaints.

and piggybacks wireless service off his neighbor’s router

Come uptah Maine, where the time-honored “Plow my driveway and I’ll give you my WEP password” tradition still lives on…

Come uptah Maine, where the time-honored “Plow my driveway and I’ll give you my WEP password” tradition still lives on…

Here in Steeltown, it’s “mow my lawn and watch the place while I’m on the road”...

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