Teabagged in See-gar City

Well, that was a gigantic waste of time:

My local rep, Kathy Castor, did her best to facilitate a discussion on health care reform last night. But Glenn Beck-inspired mobs of corpulent, polyester-clad Medicare recipients managed to shout down any dialogue by shrieking about socialized medicine for 2 hours. May a bad batch of Sea-Bond weld their upper and lower dentures together for all eternity.

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You know what would be funny? If the president announced that since Medicare Socializm ACORN Goon Helthcrae funds are going to be depleted soon, in 2010 the ability to enroll will be determined by death cage matches.

Well, I think it would be funny.

I wonder how many doctors have bitten their tongues out because some dipshit Medicare/Medicaid patient wouldn’t shut up about gubbermint communis lookin’ at their medical records.

God bless her; I would have been yelling right back at those knuckle-draggers.

I think it’s time for the Trashbaggers with Medicare to put their money where their gaping maws are, and opt-out of their commie / socialist , gubmint health care plans.
Set up a table outside the events and provide them with the neccessary forms to “free” themselves from the chains of government tyranny. Hell , I’ll even give them a lighter to burn their insurance cards with.

Offer the same deal to the waterheads with VA coverage as well.

Were you in attendance, Betty? And don’t old folks know where Medicare comes from? (Hint: It ain’t the stork.) These health care town halls remind me of those McCain - Palin rallies, particularly the one where that woman accused Obama of being an Arab. SIGH.

There’s a thread at Digby’s joint about last night’s brouhaha in Tampa, and this comment by willrob really gets to the heart of the matter:

There’s a woman on tape at a town hall health care meeting asking a question of her congressman. She ends up crying, saying she wants her country back.

That isn’t about health care. It’s about racism. But it’s not the racism of Bull Connor in the South forty years ago, with fire hoses and dogs. This is racism today, a kind of rube country club racism for the lower middle class. For millions of white Americans, they never had to dig deep about how they feel about race. Until we elected a black president.

I think that commenter is onto something. It’s the same force that animates the YouTube loonies we marveled at yesterday, and the language is always the same no matter what the issue is: “I want my country back.” It’s what prompted the crowd at last night’s meeting to break into this chant: “40 million illegals! 40 million illegals!”

These people don’t care fuck-all about health care, just as that ignorant ass at a McCain rally who rose to tremulously accuse Obama of being “an Arab” didn’t give one steaming turd about national policy. It’s about being usurped by The Other, and I’ll bet half of the screechers don’t even realize it themselves because it’s coming from a primordial corner of an unexamined psyche.

There are legitimate grounds on which to oppose every policy Obama supports, but that’s not what these people are doing. They are being whipped into a frenzy by nutbags like Beck and Limbaugh playing on their racial fears, and it’s hard to see where it will end. After last night, I’m starting to think derailing health care reform is the very least of their goals.

Pinch, poke, you owe me a Coke! Yep, and as you can see, it put me in mind of the McCain rallies and that nutty “He’s an Arab!” woman too…

Of course it’s about race. Just like the pumakitties that were unmasked when they rallied around “inadequate black male.” Notice that they’re still up in arms about Hillary but glossed over our new Supreme Court member. It isn’t even about having a woman President, it’s all about having a white one.

When you hear “I just don’t like him” or “I want my country back” it means the same thing.

When they shreik, “I want my country back!” , they’re talking about the Confederate States of America.

Ah-yup. I hate to say it (actually, no I don’t), but there large swathes of people in this country who have one thing to comfort themselves with as they look at their stunted lives: “At least I ain’t black.” And then they see a black man rise to the highest office, without benefit of family connections, enormous personal wealth, etc.—and it upsets the apple cart entirely. Toss that in with their lack of prior political awareness (PUMAs, for example), sense of martyrdom, and general ignorance, and it’s a toxic stew. The PUMAs couldn’t help but view Obama as “inadequate black male.” Hell, half of them probably believe that every other black man on the street wants to cruelly ravish their lily-white womanhood.

Aided and abetted by allegedly progressive Turd Machines like Somerby weeping over how terrible it is for that Rhodes Scholar to mock the tea-baggers.

Thanks for posting this,Castor is tough as nails!  There’s another clip floating around where she threw medicare,veterans benefits, etc in their faces.  More dems need to do that.
I first became aware of Castor when the Confluence demonized her for endorsing Obama.

I like Castor too, Jason. Her mother (Betty Castor) is also tough as nails, and it’s a shame the whiny quitter Mel Martinez was elected to the senate instead of her.

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