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I’m not overly fond of Thanksgiving Day itself since I’m usually either trying to cook a large meal for a large crowd in a small kitchen or else trapped in someone else’s overly formal Turkey Day tableau, where participants are expected to wear something other than sweatsuits and to pretend that lavishing praise on the hosts’ imaginary sky fairy is more important than watching the football game. Bah!

But the day after Thanksgiving is a favorite since our little nuclear family tradition is to make a picnic of our leftovers and do something outdoorsy. Our sandwich of choice consists of leftover turkey, stuffing, gravy and cranberry sauce on Cuban bread—very delicious!

This year, we’re off to hike through a swamp that contains 600-year-old cypress trees and migratory wood storks as well as many other critters, including alligators, deer and allegedly even the elusive Florida panther. Cuban tree frogs will probably rain down on my head. If I make it back, I’ll post some pictures.

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Your post-Thanksgiving walkabout sounds terrific. I hope the intrusive frogs don’t decide to drop in so you can enjoy your leftover feast unbothered.

We had thirteen for dinner, and it was not an unlucky number at all, well, except for the turkey, who probably would have preferred to skip this particular meal. I prepared ten pounds of potatoes for mashing, used heavy cream and two sticks of butter and not a spoonful of them remained by the end of the meal. And there were nine desserts, so you can imagine where my family’s interests lie.

Take some good photos so we can vicariously enjoy your “day after” event.

Just for you, Betty.

Happy frog walk! I like Thanksgiving these days because the family has mostly diasporaed or died off and what’s left is a simple get-together consisting of me, my wife, my dad, and two dogs, and all involved are pretty easygoing about the whole thing.

(I love my family, but it’s true that gathering a large number of people together causes a bunch of hassle no matter how cool they are.)

Gee Betty, I dunno: eat yummy leftovers while communing with nature in the company of loved ones—or fight with strangers over electronics crap at the local big-box store. Are you SURE you’re making the right choice?

@donnah:I hope the intrusive frogs don’t decide to drop in so you can enjoy your leftover feast unbothered.  We had thirteen for dinner,

We stuck with turkey.  Did you stuff the frogs?

Love to sit on your cypress knees. Uh not yours but those thereabouts.

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