Thanks, John Cole…

...for writing this post so I don’t have to. I had bookmarked a few articles earlier shining a spotlight on yet another case of Hillary-fueled manufactured outrage/hypocrisy and was going to write it up when I got back from hanging out in the park, but John has it pretty well covered. Plus I didn’t know about this:

The Clinton campaign handed out “I’m not bitter” stickers in North Carolina…

As John wrote:

And if there are any Balloon Juice readers in Montana, South Dakota, or Puerto Rico, I sure would love one of those “I AM NOT AN ASSASSIN” bumperstickers or buttons the Obama campaign no doubt is handing out right now.

Yeah, just like those “Welcome to Tuzla ... Duck!” t-shirts David Alexrod was personally silkscreening and handing out en masse in the lead up to the Pennsylvania primary.

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You didn’t know about those stickers? Shame on you for not reading my blog. :)

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