Thanksgiving Day Open Thread

If you wanna talk turkey today (gack!), you can do that here. I’ll leave this post stuck to the top o’ the blog for the rest of the day.  I hope you all have a wonderful time today and thanks a bunch for making this such a great place to hang out. I’m honored to have so many smart, entertaining and damn funny folks indulging in the Rumproast. If my arms were long enough, I’d hug all of you right now. Best, K.

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Awww, group grope.

I mean hug.

We’re having game hens instead of turkey this year. The S.O. was performing some sort of surgery on them a minute ago and unlike the big bird, they only take a few minutes to cook. Should be interesting and if they turn out to be nasty we’ve got about six side dishes.

Random question: Do I come from the only family that eats Thanksgiving dinner in the evening? 

Oops, apple pie is done!

Did anyone else see the epic win that was the greatest Rick Roll of all time today?

Comment by Litlebritdifrnt on 11/27/08 at 04:18 PM

Random question: Do I come from the only family that eats Thanksgiving dinner in the evening? 

No, we’ve always eaten in the evening too.  On the premise that if you’re going to be stuffed full of food, tired and buzzed it makes sense for it to be close to bedtime!  We just kind of pick at stuff most of the day so we can go whole hog at dinner. 


(In honor of PUMA’s everywhere).

Got to run outside and baste the turkey which is turning an incredible golden brown on the grill.


The S.O. is out cold on the sofa with two cats draped over him. The only thing this night needs is for someone to load a trebuchet with left overs and launch it at the bloody Jonahs Brothers.

Triptophan coma.  I’m making the men clean up and make me coffee.

Everyone on my street is out of town visiting relatives, so I’ve been breaking into their homes and stealing their shit.

I’ll eat tomorrow.

The chicken curry was ready at 10:30 PM, but I plied Pollymom and Mr. P with sherry and goat cheese while I chopped apples and grated ginger. They could have kept going till breakfast, what with the Godfather marathon and all.

Tomorrow we go to a friend’s house for turkey, and I get to drink and watch other people work. (insert the Bush joke of your choice here; I’m too tired)

I just know that PUMAs are watching the marathon and comparing Obama to the eerily collected Michael Corleone.

Always, they pull me back.

Thanksgiving was pretty standard chaos at our house, which is a comfort. If all the food was finished and served hot at the same time, there would be some sort of cosmic imbalance, and I don’t want that on my conscience.

There were thirteen of us, but in order to not offend the religious believers, three of the unholy crowd ate at the kitchen table. (Okay, there were three kids who couldn’t fit at the “big” table). The Last Supper scenario was then eliminated.

Today, after a solid night’s sleep, I am content. My house is clean, my oldest son is home from college, and the fridge is bursting with yummy leftovers. All of that, and the knowledge that I might visit Rumproast to read like-minded posts every day is all I need.

And this lamp. And this thermos.

donnah—Don’t forget your dog, Shithead.

“he hates those cans.  Stay away from the cans.”


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