That’s How Dad Got the Other Kids to Play with Him

Well, here’s an interesting thing.  We knew the Romney campaign was fond of making up fake parody Twitter accounts, like @Bill_Clinton12  and @JoeBiden2008, but apparently, his group of Twitter followers have been greatly enlarged by fakes.

Now, I’ll give the Romney campaign a brief benefit of the doubt.  Maybe a friendly spammer thought s/he was doing the campaign a solid. On the other hand, a superficial tweak like trying win the “war” on social media by follower count is just the kind of useless thing the campaign that believes in a place called Amercia might do.

Oh—I retroactively didn’t use the above blog-title. That’s just mean.

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TBogg linked to this earlier which notes that Obama has something like 15.4 million followers on Twitter so even buying friends & followers has not brought lil Willard anywhere close - believe he’s about 15 million short.  But keep it up Lil Will.  I’m sure you have lots and lots of friends out there who just don’t get how to use the Twitters.

The commentariat at reddit is on fire, “Mitt is more comfortable hanging out with people more like him, robots.”

And how many votes do fake Twits have?

I think there’s a “fake it until you make it” principle in mind.  The idea would be that if the account *looks* really popular, it will generate more interest.

Most of the other kids were tired of Willard giving them impromptu haircuts, so it’s not surprising no one wanted to play w/ him.

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