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Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild, poster-snob for the cognac-swirling, naval-gazing, canapé-grazing, manor-dwelling, Trans-Atlantic swells, has an Opinion on Something. I was going to excerpt it. But I just don’t have the heart at Wine Thirty. Here’s a shorter instead:

Tea Party and OWS movements should exchange saliva. Capitalism, good! Obama, bad! Clinton restoration!

Read it if you must. Or relive Lady Lynn’s moment of infamy instead.

Posted by Betty Cracker on 11/10/11 at 05:12 PM • Permalink

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God, she and AOLrianna really should form a band and call themselves The Opportunistic Infections.

Ah, Lady Lynn Forrester de Rothchild.  Still upset that her investment in Hillary Clinton and John McCain didn’t result in some ambassadorship somewhere.

It’s nice to see someone who met her banker husband at a bilderbuger conference tell the OWS people what they should do.

What’s even more ironic is that she’s blaming Obama for things that are the direct result of both GW Bush AND her blessed Clintons actions.  Irony much??

Patrick, let’s just say that Lady Humpsalot-ForBling wasn’t “hired” by her gazillionaire husband because of her brainpower.

Best (trivial, petty & meaningless) Lady Lynn gossip - when she dumped her second husband for being a mere multimillionaire, he rebounded into the arms of…Ann Coulter!?!

What really bugs me is that stack of books next to her.

Lady DeForrested-Coughdrop: 20% less relevant than Orly Taitz.

Not every person that can afford to hire a publicist should.

Her’s a nice mango:

After all, deep down in our soul we know that with inspired leadership, which we sorely lack right now, success, and even outrageous fortune, should be available to anyone who works hard and plays by the rules in America.

Yes, deep down in our soul we know that only w/ an aristocracysorry, inspired leadership, can even the little people achieve a living wage.

Now if we could just get the aristos to play by the rules ...

With someone like this bint, you always want to say, “Don’t you know how oblivious you are?”  Which, of course, is a self-negating question that eats its own tail.

There are certain figures who turn presidential politics from a Eugene O’Neill trudge to doom into a musical comedy.  Newt is one.  This broad is another.

Shorter Lady Lynn de Ladeda de Rothschild*:

If you play your cards right, you too could marry one of the richest men in the world. Once I’m done with him. Only by then he’ll be a little less rich.

* I don’t often approve of Mickey Kaus, but he did say of her, “You lost me at ‘de.’” Why he wasn’t lost at “Lady,” we can only conjecture.

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