The AMMO Act: Une Magnifique Folie à Deux


Can’t tell you how fed up I am with watching the nuts running the asylum there on Capitol Hill.  It would be riotously funny, if it weren’t so utterly pathetic to watch incompetent screwballs blow through our tax dollars, day after day, year after year, indulging their off the wall political delusions.  WTF is the matter with American voters that these are the people they choose to run the frickin country?

The current hallucination that’s taken the Paranoid Caucus by storm is that . . . well, wait a minute, why don’t I let the gullible goobers taken in by this nonsense and busily scribbling away at legislation to stymie the Evil Empire of Obama speak for themselves:

President Obama has been adamant about curbing law-abiding Americans’ access and opportunities to exercise their Second Amendment rights.  One way the Obama Administration is able to do this is by limiting what’s available in the market with federal agencies purchasing unnecessary stockpiles of ammunition. As the public learned in a House committee hearing this week, the Department of Homeland Security has two years worth of ammo on hand and allots nearly 1,000 more rounds of ammunition for DHS officers than is used on average by our Army officers. The AMMO* Act of 2013 will enforce transparency and accountability of federal agencies’ ammunition supply while also protecting law-abiding citizens access to these resources.

*AMMO Act = Ammunition Management for More Obtainability Act

The masterminds behind this legislative silliness are: Rep. Frank Lucas (R-OK) and America’s pre-eminent Wacko Bird, Sen. Jim Inhofe who are, evidently, huge fans of Alex Jones who, among others, has been hyping the notion that the government is “stockpiling” ammunition, either to wage a war against the American people or to dry up the ammunition market so average citizens can’t buy bullets. [Not sure which, yet, I guess]

The bill would require executive branch agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to maintain ammunition levels below the average monthly amounts that the agencies had before Obama took office.

All of this comes just in time, of course, to save the public from long lines at ammunition outlets during the summer Community-Pig-Roast-Kegger-and-Shoot-‘Em-Up events at America’s target ranges and south forties.

I’m guessing that this legislation is a direct result, in part, of the wildly successful grilling of Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano during a House hearing on the DHS budget, last week.  Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) decided to derail those proceedings to play a little hardball and get to the bottom of Homeland Security’s role in the secret stockpiling of ammunition.

Here’s how that went:

DUNCAN: You know, when Forbes Magazine or Drudge or some reputable news sources start to repeat the numbers…the numbers cease to become Internet rumors and they start having some credibility. I just ask, why was there a long delay or silence from the DHS for a period of time, almost three months, before y’all came forward saying these numbers aren’t correct, these are the actual facts. Why was there a delay or silence from your department?

NAPOLITANO: Well I don’t know about that, that there was that kind of delay, but I will tell you we found it so inherently unbelievable that those statements would be made it was hard to ascribe credibility to them. I don’t know if I’d put Forbes and Drudge in the same sentence.

Well, I ask you, who needs more proof than Drudge to get on the loudspeakers and call it a crisis?

This isn’t the only government intrigue that Rep. Duncan is hot on the trail of, either.  Two weeks ago, he attacked an effort to expand background checks for gun purchases online or at gun shows because he believes, like Matt Drudge, that “the government” is planning a systematic slaughter akin to the Rwandan genocide.  This particular fever dream is known as the Confiscation Theory (ie, national gun registry facilitates gun confiscation).

Even the Breitbartlets, those conservative purveyors of journalistic truth, described this hysteria as “based more on panic than fact.”

The fun part should be when the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre realizes the effect that restricting government ammunition purchases will have on his beloved gun manufacturer constituency.  Maybe Lucas and Inhofe need a remedial course in free market economics.

Here’s how it works, guys:  US government = biggest customer of guns and gun stuff.  If demand goes up - production goes up = more for everybody.  If demand goes down [like you want it to]—production goes down = less for everybody.

And here’s a clue that I won’t even charge you for: when Kenyan usurpers are in the White House and apocalypse is nigh, American gun hysteria ramps up and ammunition goes on back order.  You could solve your own supply issues by not stocking up for the millenium, you silly paranoids.

BTW, what’s with the shortage of freeze-dried rations?

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Nice of Duncan to distinguish between Forbes, Drudge, and reputable news, even if that isn’t what he meant to do.

Republican Congresscritters are deeply, seriously stupid. In my lifetime, I have never seen such a criminally stupid Congress and a stupid Senate Democratic leadership.

Damn, I wish the congresscritters weren’t getting their news from Bizarro World.  With all the real problems we’re facing, I just want to yell, “I need you to be serious for a second.”

Hve we always been this crazy?  Seems like I remember periods when it wasn’t this nuts….

String, I’ve been around for a while & it wasn’t this visibly, loudly nuts in the days before the telegraphInternet. Now every idiot has a forum or two that anyone can access, as opposed to the days of mimeographing & mailing their ravings to the 20 or so other loons on their list.

The Congressional loons we can blame on gerrymandering.

And these days, w/ you-know-who elected to the W.H. (twice) the aging Xian male honkies are extra dangerous, cornered animal-style. Or at least extra-loud & cretinous as they realize their time will be up unless they double the hysterics.

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