The best way to foster “intellectual engagement” on campus? Bust an Orangina bottle over your head.

The fun continues...

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Francisco Nava ‘09 said his falsification of threatening emails to prominent campus conservatives and subsequent assault on himself stemmed from a belief that his actions would draw attention to the pro-chastity cause, attendees at a Monday-evening meeting said early Tuesday morning. The gathering included Nava, Butler College administrators and fellow Anscombe Society members.


  “He said he pummeled his face; he didn’t say what with. He scraped his head against a brick wall [and] broke the bottle ... over his head,” Anscombe president Kevin Staley-Joyce ‘09 said, referring to a glass Orangina bottle with which Nava had initially said his assailants beat him during the attack. “It certainly was enough to merit treatment by doctors,” Staley-Joyce added.


Nava admitted to being “responsible for everything that happened,” Staley-Joyce said, adding that Nava “saw Anscombe’s ideals as not making enough progress” and wanted to bring more publicity to the group’s cause.

“He wanted something big and showy as opposed to the approach that we set out in our mission statement,” Staley-Joyce said. The statement describes Anscombe’s goals as providing “social support and a voice” for students committed to its ideals and “intellectual engagement” on campus.


Additionally, Staley-Joyce said, he found it “strange” that he “couldn’t tell a whole lot of difference” between Nava’s behavior during the meeting and the way he had acted before the hoax was revealed. In terms of his demeanor, “it was almost as if I was meeting the same Francisco that I met this time last week,” Staley-Joyce said.


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After a careful look at this case I am convinced that there is no hoax at all.

Using my investigative skills, learned under the tutelage of Jonah Goldberg, a liberal conspiracy has come to light and the Organgina is the clue.

This Nava beat himself with an Organgina bottle, Organgina is French, no true Conservative would be able to hold a French product let alone smash it over their own head, Q.E.D - Nava is a liberal agent provocateur trying to bring down the right from the inside, just like Hitler.

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