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Via the Atlantic, What Half-Been is running into a Wall of Opposition from unhappy Teahadist supporters seemingly unmoved by her ghosted scrivelings, right on her own own FB page? The disrespect! And look how she was treated on upstart FOX pundint Jeanine Pirro’s show:

There is Our Sarah, invoking the wrath of Holy Father Ronnie as he watches his Son nailed to the Cross of PPD (Politics of Personal Destruction, or Personal Peccadillo Derailing, yr choice), and the smilingly patronizing Pirro all but pats her on the BumpIt as she cuts the Governor off like Joan Rivers cutting off Sally Kirkland for Angelina Jolie. Le burn!

It’s enough to drive an unstable Alaskan Grackle to RAAAAGE! Against the MACHIIIIINE!!!

Unfortunately for America’s Backseat Driver, (â„¢StrangeAppar8us), the MACHINE is in the tank—which throws a monkey wrench in the old simile, but moving right along—for Romney, and even the most teastained part of America’s sunny appendage seems to want to fill up on something other than Palin’s filtered brand of gas, despite her reminders that “the math is the math.”  Sad to say for Sarah, also too, the math is the math is the math.

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“keep the vetting process going”

Again with the “vetting.”  Since when is vetting “a process” that lasts years and years?

“Annoy a liberal - vote Newt!”

Yup, that’s all they have left.

If Newt goes the distance, I’ll be partying like it’s 1999, also known as “the last time newt Gingrich was politically relevant.”*

(I have not heard this joke yet and am frankly shocked by that.)


As a lefty (leftie?) person - bona fides here* (might load a bit slowly) - please don’t stay in the race right up until the GOP Convention, Newt.  That would make me - a hateful liberal - angry and sad.  And please, ½-Gov. Sarah Palin, don’t encourage Newt to keep running; that would make me angrier and saderer.

Thank you.

*Source: (former) Central Command, The Left - e.g. (and brief explanation from Commandante Leftie/Lefty)

Comment by meepmeep09 on 01/31/12 at 01:56 AM

Sarah IS Siri: a flawed but essentially human-like voice, equipped with a limited vocabulary, who “answers questions” based on whatever data are currently being processed. 

Q: How does my day look, Sarah?
A: Yer day IS…hopeful.  And free.  Because liberty, and the Foundering Fathers of the blessing FROM God.  Not the liberal intelligentiles and their agenda of entitlements.  But the real commonsense Tea Party wisdom TO articulate a vision of opportunity, Ronald, Reagan, and no to government intrusion.
Q: ...oh.  But…nah.  Skip it.

Siri with LaPalin’s voice would probably not be a selling point.

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