The Congressman Who Cried Ebola


Rep. Todd Rokita (R-IN) left the fraught halls of Congress to return to his home district in the heartland, this weekend, but had no time to spare for homecoming vacation activities.

By Monday, Rokita had taken to the airwaves, specifically the Garrison radio program (WIBC-FM, Indianapolis), to sound an alarum for his constituents.  According to the US Office of Refugee Resettlement, Hoosiers have found it in their hearts to resettle 245 Central American refugee children in Indiana.

Rep. Rokita wanted to let his people know that was a really terrible idea, because . . . EBOLA! for God’s sake.

Rokita, who is not a doctor, cited his colleague Rep. Larry Bucshon (R-IN), who is a doctor, as the authority upon whom his wild speculations concerns rest.  Dr. Larry Bucshon, it should be noted, is also that rarest of physicians—the doctor who is a “lifelong friend of coal.”

Here’s how Rep. Rokita characterized his and Rep. Bucshon’s concerns over the public health risk associated with taking in potentially pestilential children:

He said, look, we need to know just from a public-health standpoint, with Ebola circulating and everything else—no, that’s my [Rokita] addition to it, not necessarily his [Bucshon]—but he [Bucshon] said we need to know the condition of these kids.

This, despite the fact that the US Office of Refugee Resettlement guarantees that all children receive vaccinations and thorough medical screenings before being released to family or sponsors.

Poppycock! says Rokita who believes that we should keep all of those kids corralled in one place:

If we believe that a majority of them should be reunited with their parents in their countries, letting them diffuse into the community is just going to be harder to get them to the hearing, harder to find out where they are, who they are.

For those of his constituents who might be a little too sophisticated for the Ebola fear-mongering, Rokita has a more down-to-Earth reason for not allowing refugee kids to be resettled in Indiana: property taxes.  All of these kids, he explains, are going to wind up in public schools and “ultimately your property taxes are going to go up.”

Except that Indiana schools are funded by state sales and income taxes.  Not property taxes.

If the name Todd Rokita sounds vaguely familiar, you might remember him as the chauvinist swashbuckler who reprimanded CNN journalist Carol Costello about her barbed questions during last Fall’s government shutdown, saying “Carol, you’re beautiful, but you have to be honest as well.”

Well, Rep. Rokita, you’re not beautiful but you still have to be honest.

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Hoosiers love their stupid politicians. Rokita’s dumbassery can only help him.  Indiana Gov Mike Pence makes Rokita look like a rhodes scholar, and there’s talk of him running for POTUS.  Put him and Rick Perry in the same room and the amount of stupid contained in said room would probably tear a hole in the fabric of reality.  Dan Quayle also hailed from Indiana, ‘The State That Ate Paint Chips When It Was A Kid’.

The only two cases of ebola in the Americas are in a US hospital, and the only previous American outbreaks of ebola were in the US, but I suppose you scaremong and dehumanise your targets with the diseases people are panicking about, rather than with the diseases that the targets might actually have.
I guess it’s a step up from ‘leprosy’.

@smut Plague’s always good for a fright . . .

Nevermind that Ebola is endemic to the Eastern Hemisphere… it’s a disease that affects those people!!!

@B4   which is why we shouldn’t hold our breath waiting for a cure.  Just doesn’t have the ka-ching factor.

Erick the couch borne bravely takes to the internet to battle Ebola;

Not every Christian survives. Many are martyred. We, as Christians, should understand each person is called by the Lord in different ways. Ann [Coulter] and I are called to our keyboards to write and speak boldly. Dr. Brantly was called to Africa.


Guess that’s the King James version of “shit happens.”  I have a news flash for Erick—no one gets out of here alive.

Ann [Coulter] and I are called to our keyboards to write and speak boldly. Dr. Brantly was called to Africa.

I think it’s pretty obvious that Dr Brantly was recalled stateside.  And, seriously, what kind of sick phantasm would eff up his pretty little planet with a hateful bucket-o-guts like Ann [Coulter]?

PS Thanks ALOT grungey-guy for making my blood boil at this ungodly hour ;-).  Have to go—I’m being “called” to my keyboard.

Erik of The Many Sons equates what he does on the internet, plus what Coulter does as somehow the same in Christian service as that of the Dr. who got Ebola trying to help the sick in Africa?  Someone needs to put a leash on his ego before it floats off like the Hindenburg.

Ann [Coulter] and I are called to our keyboards to write and speak boldly. Dr. Brantly was called to Africa.

More specifically, God called Brantly to Africa to help people (with obstetric services, I read elsewhere), and called upon Coulter to inveigh against Brantly for his whole idiotic “wanting to help people” ego-trip. God really needs to make her mind up.

Comment by smut clyde on 08/08/14 at 04:51 PM
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