The Cutting-Edge Career To Which I Can Never Return (NSFW)

Ask anyone in advertising: they’ll tell you this video clip is the most spot-on parody of creative hackdom ever produced, and proof positive that Poe’s Law abides.

It goes without saying that I will never again be involved in graphic or video advertising services; and, certainly no one will ever pay me to put my eyes behind an SLR viewfinder or at the wheel of a high-end digital videocam.

‘Tis true: the biggest job on my plate right now is to find a way to feed myself for the next twenty years. The cats are living in foster homes. I’m probably moving to subsidized housing for the disabled. And my one great hope is that talking computers can compensate for a blind man’s keyboard disorientation. It’s gonna be a brand new future for me. One that I hope will be more than modestly shared with the brave ranks of Rumproasters!

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I get the impression that you never were one to shy away from a challenge.  You’re an interesting person - I heartily eleventy-th the suggestion that you write a book, if you want to.

And, of course, it’s wonderful to see you back posting at the ‘roast.

Onward and upward, Brother of the Rump.  It’s a Craven New World and we shall bend it to our will.  Is the talking computer here yet? if so, we should be getting you one so that we can all Roast in earnest.  Please advise.

I twelfth the “write a book” suggestion; unleash your brilliant yet twisted mind on the world.

You’re an amazing writer and one of the kindest, funniest guys around. Therefore, you cannot escape us.

Thanks to all. As a matter of fact, I’m commencing to write a picture book for James Warhola to illustrate. I’m also writing an analytical textbook on advertising media and I’m hoping to restart a tentative agreement to write a motivational manual for former Steeler Rocky Bleier, who specializes in inspiring depressed and disabled people to recapture the purpose and vibrancy of their lives. I feel real good about that last one, assuming Rocky didn’t go ahead without me after September 11, 2001 crashed all our early groundwork.

Whatever happens, my Roasty, toasty, comrades will be the first to learn and share!

I would subscribe to the Strange newsletter—better yet, I would buy the book.

A book or even a series

~Another guaranteed subrscriber

I’ll stand in line ( which I loathe) to buy a Strange book!

Just… *hugs*

You’re a writer, man, an incredible writer!  I would love to add your book(s) to my library!

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