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Yowsa, I didn’t have high hopes for Tucker Carlson’s The Daily Caller but even I didn’t expect it to be the pile of dated, uninspired mush that was unveiled this morning. I’ve got a busy day ahead of me, so I don’t have time for a substantial critique of the content, but there are some immediately glaring issues with it that require little comment, so here goes…

First of all, the design of the site is absolutely dreadful.  It’s so very awful that it actually made me mad when I first saw it.  That dreadful. Did Tucker get a niece or nephew to come up with the design?  I was going to write “wake up and smell the decade,” but I didn’t want people to think I meant the 00’s because I’m referring to the nineties. The drop-shadowed logos and icons, the beveled red header and navigation backgrounds, the gray-gradient news scroll at the top that looks like it was torn off of an old GeoCities page ... The Daily Caller is without a doubt one of the biggest design disasters in the history of “pro” web sites.

And their two current top featured pieces gives you a very clear indication of how groundbreaking and fresh The Daily Caller plans to be when it comes to content:

The Daily Caller

Breitbart and Huffington? Really? That’s what you roll out of the starting gate with? Why not just make your tagline “More of the Same Old Shit”? Can Roger L. Magoo be far behind?

Finally, getting back to the graphics, seriously, $3 million dollars and this is the best header graphic they could come up with for Jim Treacher’s new whatever-the-fuck-it-is?


Who designed/illustrated that header, No Quarter’s dismally untalented in-house illustrator Pat Racimora or did they hold a competition at local DC-area elementary schools (“Win school supplies for a year courtesy of Foster Friess!!!”)? What an embarrassment.

That’s all I’ve got for them moment.  Feel free to weigh in with your thoughts in the comments.

UPDATE: Ha ha! Click to enlarge.

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Oh Christ, not only does it look like it was designed by Madamab, it features a column by Mudcat Saunders, the world’s worst fucking political strategist ever. Really, Mudcat makes Mark Penn look like a genius.

Actually, my first reaction was, “hate that top banner, but it’s not as ugly as Mediaite”.

Stop harshing on the elementary school kids.  But Tucker really doesn’t have an excuse, does he? Other than the fact that he’s about as in touch with plant intertubes as Palin is with the truth.

The Daily Caller design is one of those templates that comes with the software, which sucks.

But Treacher’s site is a total puke-bag. I haven’t seen anyone seriously use a Hobo font since I was laying press-type in ‘82. Horsey composition, man—truly “Ted Mack” graphics.

So ... he decided not to stick with the Klassic and Klassy “Mother May I Sleep With Treacher?”

I can see why they got Arianna to do a post, since they stole her layout. But why did they use a tarted up picture of Bill Murray as Gorby?

Whoever designed Treacher’s banner has mad MSPaint skillz

Too much text.  If I find it annoying, it’s definitely going to scare away the base.

I haven’t seen anyone seriously use a Hobo font since I was laying press-type in ‘82.

Thanks, Strange. I was trying to ID that font but, like you said, it’s been so long that I’ve seen anyone use it for forgot what it was called.

So the template comes with the software? Does that explain why it looks exactly like the Verizon website?

Looks like they stole the Washington Times’ old template. And while I was looking it over some busy little gnome was cleaning up the layout.

Obama’s promised change? Bubba says ‘git ’er done’
By Mudcat Saunders   01/11/10 at 12:24 am

Do I need some kind of waiver to join the Nation of Islam, or can I just sign up?

Treacher is positively giddy over the start of this scintillating enterprise, and has betrayed the name of the designer:

Other people will be posting here too, by the way. That’s why the logo (by the great Batton Lash) says “with” instead of “by.” But those other people will most likely have real jobs, so they won’t be posting here as often as I will. Probably. Maybe. I don’t know. But the great thing about a blog is that it doesn’t have to be any one thing. And if there’s something you don’t feel like reading, check out that snazzy scrollbar over there.

So if you liked my old blog, you might like this blog. If you didn’t like my old blog and yet you’re reading this, I just have one question: Does Soros pay by the hour, the post, or the word? I’ve always wondered.

Well, this post is long enough already. They won’t all be this rambling and self-centered, I promise

The excuse that would seem to best suit the unfortunate Mr. Lash is that his lil’ buddy Jim teased the work out of him for free and didn’t tell him he’d be credited.

At least I hope that’s what happened.

Thank heaven Soros knows the importance of a well-funded art department! All that Blingeeing adds up.

Rumproast/Althouse mind meld!


Comment by ts on 01/11/10 at 12:11 PM

Rumproast/Althouse mind meld!


Too funny.  I was actually going to bring up the Pajamas Media bathrobe logo but figured everyone had forgotten about it.

After all the ugly, you owe us some pretty. We can haz Biscuit?

Batton Lash actually has some illustration cred, so I suspect he drew that on a napkin to make Treacher stop calling him.

Then again, Lash may have been inspired not just by Steve Ditko’s art, but by his politics, as well.

Of course the first thing Althouse noticed was the breast-wielders around the candid pic of the nation’s first black president.

We can haz Biscuit?

Let me see if I can get her to stand still enough for a pic. Trying to capture her with the mobile is next to impossible when she’s hyper.

Of course the first thing Althouse noticed was the breast-wielders around the candid pic of the nation’s first black president.


I mean, I get the Althouse-breast reference, but is there some inside joke about Carlos Allen being our first black president that I’m not getting?

As you remember, the last time she made a fuss over other women’s racks was when Jessica Valenti failed to wear a Slankie for her photo op with Clinton aka the first black president. The guy in the new pic actually is black.

Meh. Failed over-elaborate joke on my part, that’s all. I really shouldn’t be hitting the wine this early in the day.

Too good a memory is your problem, Maryl. The rest of us had to put down our vodka stingers and try to cajole our aging brains into think mode, which is terribly ennervating.

@Strange: Perhaps Lash is indeed a Ditkoheaded Randy person. I like to give illustrators the benefit of the doubt, but the amateurishness of the artwork is unpleasantly inescapable. The pest-riddence-by-napkin method does seem most likely to explain the awfulness of the little sinking ship logo.

Meanwhile we can watch while the poor overexcited Treacher’s vessel takes on water. Tucker having not yet abandoned his eight-is-enough dry-look hairstyle and only recently having been persuaded out of wearing bow ties every blinking day, was anybody expecting anything from him less than an online Conservative Snuggie?

I’m gonna see if I can get Tucker to hire me - that would be a blast.

Then again, Lash may have been inspired not just by Steve Ditko’s art, but by his politics

I don’t know much about Steve Ditko, but Lash and Treacher are tight.  Scroll down the page here and get a load of the Li’l Obama cartoon he drew for Treacher.  Sambo .. uh, I mean Obama .. is picking Joe the Plumber’s pocket, geddit?  hyuck hyuck. 

But I have to admit, I like Supernatural Law and in it he’s not some frothing wingnut loony, there’s a sweetness to his stories even if they are about the undead.

Comment by MaryRC on 01/11/10 at 11:37 PM
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