The Daily Show’s Wyatt Cenac tells it like it is…

Posted by Kevin K. on 10/29/08 at 09:15 AM • Permalink

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Brilliant! I’m especially happy he brought in everybody’s favorite chipmunk. (Only I thought it was a prairie dog.) Whatever, let’s get this shit over with already. Wyatt speaks for me. And so do the Ramones.

Amen! I’m going to be lucky if I don’t go Elvis on my poor defenseless T.V before this shit is over. Between the endless horde of pundits trying to make it a horse race , the daily dose of Bible Spice and that FUCKING VOICE !! Next Tuesday can’t get here fast enough . I’m with the Ramones on this one , hand me a fith of Jack , and a bottle of tranquilizers and wake me when it’s over. On second thought , I’m going to pass the time by volunteering for the Obama campaign for the next five days. I’ll save the Jack and the tranqs for the day after.

Ummm ... fuck the Ramones. Johnny’s wife is on the trail stumping for Palin. She’s been running with Meghan McCain and Palin’s brother.

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