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I know I already posted about Rudy today, but, sweet jeebus, now he wants to resurrect the “Evil Empire” shtick and adhere it to China:

While praising Reagan’s blunt description of the Soviet Union as an “evil empire,” Giuliani went out of his way to note that “Communist China” deserved the same epithet.

The man who was sitting immediately to Giuliani’s left as he said this -– Sheldon Adelson, a major fund-raiser who sits on the RJC’s board and who minutes earlier had given a flattering introduction to Giuliani—was someone who’d would probably be happy to stay as far from China-bashing as he could at the moment.

When Adelson is not collecting checks for Giuliani, he’s CEO of the Las Vegas Sands, which this summer opened two casinos in Macau, including the world’s largest, the Venetian. Perhaps the biggest hurdle facing casino operators in Macau, a special administrative region of China, is ensuring that Beijing relaxes restrictions on the movement of gamblers (and their money) from the mainland.

And congrats to Barack Obama for bitch-slapping Rudy back:

Speaking at the Republican Jewish Coalition in Washington, D.C., Giuliani criticized Obama’s willingness to meet with enemies of the current Bush Administration—including Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and Cuba’s Fidel Castro. Obama has justified reaching out to such leaders by referencing former president Ronald Reagan’s past negotiations with Soviet leaders during the Cold War.

“I say this most respectfully,” Giuliani said. “You’re not Ronald Reagan.”

Obama spokesman Bill Burton shot back, releasing a statement saying, “While Rudy Giuliani and Hillary Clinton do not think we should engage in the type of strong diplomacy practiced by Ronald Reagan and John Kennedy, Obama does. And given the hefty fee that Hugo Chavez’s oil company paid Rudy Giuliani’s firm, he apparently thinks we shouldn’t talk to Chavez, but it’s fine to take his money.”

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