The First PUMA: Rebecca Felton

Rebecca Felton

Hendrik Hertzberg, one prescient son-of-a-bitch, on December 15th at The New Yorker:

On the other hand there was Senator Rebecca Felton. In 1922, Thomas Hardwick, the governor of Georgia, hoping to ingratiate himself with newly enfranchised women voters (he was in the doghouse for having opposed the Nineteenth Amendment), made gimmicky history by appointing a woman, the first ever, to the world’s supposedly most exclusive club. Mrs. Felton, an eighty-seven-year-old suffragist and prohibitionist, spent one day in the job before being displaced by an elected successor. If she is not remembered today as a feminist heroine, perhaps it has something to do with her bloodcurdling enthusiasm for murder as the surest remedy for interracial relationships of the sort that gave us our soon-to-be President. As she said on August 11, 1897, “When there is not enough religion in the pulpit to organize a crusade against sin; nor justice in the court house to promptly punish crime; nor manhood enough in the nation to put a sheltering arm about innocence and virtue—if it needs lynching to protect woman’s dearest possession from drunken, ravening beasts—then I say lynch a thousand a week.”

I guess she’d have been a PUMA.

Darragh Murphy, two days later at PUMA Pac, in a post titled “Buy a gun”:

Between 1880 and 1930, 2,500 black Americans were lynched — for being suspected of a crime, for being convicted of a crime, or for no reason at all other than racist terrorism.

Between 1976 and 2005, 43,500 American women were murdered for leaving their husbands, hurting their husband’s feelings, or for no reason at all other than misogynistic terrorism.

[hat tip Sean]

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Ha! He nails the PUMAs perfectly.

Since it’s generally true that people who buy guns for protection are far more likely to be killed by their own gun than to successfully defend themselves, and since PUMAs appear to be about a zillion times dumber than your average bear, Murphy’s call to arms might actually result in a Darwinistic thinning of the herd.

That would have to affect her fund-raising efforts. Another strategic blunder.

jenniforhillary 12.17.08 at 11:52 pm
I plan to burn effigies of his lowness, take pictures of me forcing myself sexually on his lowness and host them on the website, and other such and sundry acts….I’m calling it ART so nobody can call me a racist or a violent individual

jenniforhillary 12.17.08 at 11:52 pm
my post was in response to the question of what was I going to do IF inaguration takes place…

OMG! I think I just threw up in my mouth! Someone please make her stop!

I noticed he didn’t use ‘PUMA’ as a keyword.  That is a SLAP IN THE FACE TO HILLARY!!!!

It’s refreshing to see that they’ve moved on from the Whitey tape and birth certificate nonsense to “Obama is personally responsible for all violence against women!”, though.  Well, maybe ‘refreshing’ isn’t the right word.

Remember, no group has suffered worse than women.

No group has fought harder or longer for social justice.

No demographic sub-set has more purity of spirit, more supremely-expert-yet-underappreciated-skills, more collective wisdom and compassion, and fewer convicted criminals.

Remember, too, that Aileen Wuornos was really a nice person, and anyone who disagrees deserves a hatpin through the balls.

Darragh has finally found her metier—fanning the flames of victimhood and man-fear. She understands that if she can get everyone in her little community to tap their “Inner Jennifer,” 
she can keep the franchise going regardless of what’s happening on the political scene.

Classic mindfuck material. Very Alinsky.

Jenni is the gift that keeps on giving:

jenniforhillary 12.17.08 at 12:09 am

  It is time for women to arm themselves and shoot to kill. KILL. Can you hear me out there????

  I am at my wits end, and tomorrow we will be subjected to more fucking insanity and they wonder why we are so fucking bitter.

  I am not a democrat, I am not for Hillary, I don’t even know if I’m an American anymore, but god damit I am a fucking woman and I am FUCKING tired of this shit.

  And I’m tired of crying and praying and hoping. I’m fixing to be ready to fight.

  To all woman, for all woman….count me in as one fucking mean bitter ass woman who isn’t going to play nice anymore. Not by a fucking long shot….

I am victim, hear me roar!

#####—I read that post last night and it occurred to me that forced sex is not so much a symbolic act of violence on Jennifer’s part as it is a practical necessity.

take pictures of me forcing myself sexually on his lowness and host them on the website, and other such and sundry acts…

OK, now, this has got to be a pact. Anyone aware of her actually doing this and posting these pictures WARN THE REST OF US IMMEDIATELY!!!!111!!!!  God only knows how many of us would immediately apply hot pokers to our eyes to try and burn away the vision if we were made to see that.

It is time for women to arm themselves and shoot to kill. KILL. Can you hear me out there????

Oh yeah - we hear you, all right.  Question is, are you listening to yourself?  At all?  Because what you’re advocating doesn’t sound like anything - Anything - I heard Hillary Clinton mention.  Nor Sarah Palin.  Or Caroline Kennedy.  Or any woman who’s fought for equal rights for women… or gays or blacks or Hispanics or the handicapped or anyone else who’s had the short end of the stick for the last 230 years.

No, jenni, you sound like the morally retarded bastards who have run this nation into the ground over the last seven years, and the foaming shitfaces who’ve been cheerleading the destruction of anyone and everyone who’s “different” from us.  Congratulations - you’re a Bush-supporting, sociopathic, honorary Republican dead ender!

It just got worse:

Domestic violence is now officially “woman-lynching.”

Comment by StrangeAppar8us on 12/18/08 at 11:47 AM

Because what you’re advocating doesn’t sound like anything - Anything - I heard Hillary Clinton mention.  Nor Sarah Palin.  Or Caroline Kennedy.  Or any woman who’s fought for equal rights for women… or gays or blacks or Hispanics or the handicapped or anyone else who’s had the short end of the stick for the last 230 years.

PUMA is to women what Al Qaeda is to Islam.

The PUMAs really aren’t in the holiday spirit, are they?

Well, that didn’t take long…

DancesWithPumas 12.18.08 at 11:53 am

  Favreau and hartwig fall along the same monster continuum.

  I can’t recall the website name that was mnentioned last night, taggles knows it… where the favreau groping mentality is connected to women-lynching travesties.

Everything bad that happens in the world (and in their lives) inevitably leads back to Obama (or anyone even remotely close to him).

Goofing on a cardboard cutout = murder.

The man who opens a door for you is only three steps removed from the beast who forces you to spread your legs at knifepoint.

Every kindness is an internalized act of violence.

Every accident is subconsciously intentional.

It’s all the same on the “continuum.”

Kudos to harried Elector Chris Porter for emailing all the PUMAs to eat shit and die.

There is hope for the Republic yet!

PUMA is to women what Al Qaeda is to Islam.

Betty, you perfectly summarized all things PUMA in one easy to remember line.  Thank you.  They have really gone off the motherfucking (oops, I’m a misogynist) deep end.  Luckily for us Murphy is cross eyed and probably couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn and I suspect jenni’s fingers are too large to actually work a trigger.  Although if she makes good on her promise to molest cardboard Barry I may end up barfing myself to death. 
(on a side note Betty I am working on my “six things” post…been busy running my stupid restaurant. sorry)

I don’t think the point of group therapy is to wallow in your misery and lash out randomly, is it?  I think they are doing it wrong…

At the moment, at least some of their hopes are pinned on Rep. John Linder, who’s apparently “considering” standing up during the electoral vote count on January 8 and challenging Obama on the BC issue.

StrangeAppar8us: johnD—I read that post last night and it occurred to me that forced sex is not so much a symbolic act of violence on Jennifer’s part as it is a practical necessity.

You’re a very, very bad man.

It was a decent cup of coffee and a relatively new laptop, too. Damn.

Kudos to harried Elector Chris Porter for emailing all the PUMAs to eat shit and die.

There is hope for the Republic yet!


Of course the Bitters just don’t understand why someone would react so negatively to being hounded by a half-dozen clearly unhinged Ellen Jamesians.

So ... there’s this group of people. To listen to them ... er ... speak, they’re the only feminists left on the planet.

And they’re just now going apeshit over violence against women.


Ya’ll (there I go talking southern again) missed the best pathetic post last night “why are there so few of us?”  wherein someone says “oh its the holidays” and Darragh comes back in with “there are 10 million of us! that’s not a few!” no doubt showering her puter screen with a pebble dash mixture of christmas cookie crumbs and a nice merlot.  Pity they could only get 20 of them to send certified mail to the FEC though, funny that.

I’m outraged a lot.

I wish Kevin K. would give us lists of things that should make us angry and people to write to about it.

I wish Kevin K. would give us lists of things that should make us angry and people to write to about it.

Compiling such lists and organizing “prowls” takes time and money, you know. I think Kevin needs to shake down the Roastafarians daily via a RUMPAC to make it happen. The proceeds should be equally shared among co-bloggers, naturally. And we should all receive $3,000 laptops.

Ugh sigh.

Here’s the thing: I absolutely believe that if someone lays a hand on me in violence, I have a right, if not an obligation, to disable or destroy that person. Yell at me, call me awful names, mock me, I’ll give it back to you in kind. But bring the sticks and stones—or fists—and I will get medieval on your ass in order to escape. And if that means my attacker dies, I will go there without a moment’s regret, because my life is worth more than some piece of shit who wants to physically hurt or destroy me.

But here’s the more important thing: the greatest way to feel empowered is to NOT give in to that fear and rage and see oppression and potential rapists behind every male face. I took a self-defense course years ago, and one of the points that really stuck with me was that so many women, when walking down the street past a dark alley at night, will hunch their shoulders and make themselves small and hurry past like little bunnies, as if to say “I’m not sure if you’re there or not, Mr. Scary Attacker Man, and I’m too afraid to look, but I want you to know by my posture and my walk that I am afraid of you and hope you aren’t there.”

When what you SHOULD do (men and women alike) is stop, look down that alley, assess the situation, and act accordingly. Bum picking through the dumpster for recyclables he can turn in for cash? Probably not a threat. Guy with a baseball bat or hand in pocket, walking toward you? Yeah, get moving, get the cell phone out, start making noise, whatever it takes to change that situation and stay safe.

The PUMAS aren’t really interested in being empowered, because they choose to let fear and irrationality rule them, rather than stop and look down the dark alleys (and bright sidewalks) of the world and assess what’s really there, good, bad, and otherwise. And much like they thought Big Mama Hillary would kiss their boo-boos in the election and make everything ALL BETTER FOR ALL WOMEN EVERYWHERE FOREVER!, now they think Big Bad Guns will kill all the Big Bad Men and set them free. The one thing they absolutely cannot fathom is taking adult responsibility for not viewing the world in stark childish binary terms. They will never be free.

I was thinking the same thing Strange. I wanna be irrationally irate about things I have absolutely no control over, why can’t I? Huh? Why not? I wanna!

So here goes .... the greatest football coach who ever lived has been shafted once again by unapologetic Southerners and those who ripped this nation in half!

Joe Pa should be trotting out onto the BCS (Bigots Confederacy System) championship field followed by his Nittany Lions.

He’s not though. Wanna know why? Some clown from Florida who uses Jesus’ name even when taking a crap got the nod instead. Who cares if he’s one of the best football players in collegiate history leading a team so talented they would put a scare into the Detroit Lions? Who cares if they’re really, really good, fast, strong and athletic? Who cares? That deosn’t matter!

JoePa!!!! Hear me roar like the PA-Lion roar they use in Beaver Stadium!!!!!!!11111!!!!

Me too!  I’m filled with irrational anger, but lack the focus of a specific target that RUMPAC would provide me with.

At the same time, I hate it when people tell me what to do.

So, here’s my thought.  Do a daily RUMProwl, but specify in the form of a madlib.  That way we’re being told what to do, but in a form that still allows for creativity.

Here’s an example, lightly stolen from pumapac:

TO: [Insert Noun] Commission

RUMPAC, [Insert hillarious explanation for acronym], is [insert verb ending with ing] on the commissioners of the [Hillarious organization name] to conduct an audit for [Noun] of the Obama [Funny Proper Noun] campaign.

The beauty of this scheme is that RUMPAC could just take Murphy’s prowl, de-PUMAfy it, and voila, you have a RUMProwl.

It burns…

Hey Chris. Hate to be the one to burst your Obubble, but your incoming prez is a Kenyan-American of Euro-Arab decent, not an African-American.

Yes, Kenya, the magical land that borders Germany and Britain; home of the Kenyan Alps and whose capitol, Dublin, is world renown for its Bordeaux.  Or something… 

Euro-Arab descent?  WTF?

And OT, but the project I’ve been working on with a couple Kossacks is coming down the last flurry of activity to help with Xmas.

Here’s my diary.

I’m not asking for contributions here, but if you know some Kossacks who might feel like contributing or just giving the diary some love, I’d appreciate any promotion you’re willing to offer.  Thanks!

So, here’s my thought.  Do a daily RUMProwl, but specify in the form of a madlib.  That way we’re being told what to do, but in a form that still allows for creativity.

A Rumprowl! lol!! I love it!

Betty—You’re right. We need to give what we can to keep the lights on here, since sites like this cost thousands of dollars a month to host.

Kerry Reid—Damn straight. Shout it.

Humboldt—Joe Pa got his contract renewed for another three years, which is revenge a-plenty.

AltHippo—I concur, except that I hate the word “prowl” and would like to suggest the term “RumpRodeo.” If we’re going to vigorously and repeatedly penetrate the consciousness of the our MSM and government leaders, we need a word that SOUNDS like what it MEANS.

I know Kevin K. is always busy, so I’m working up a “RumpRodeo” of my own. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel that Christina and the other folks at YesToDemocracy have gone soft on the whole PUMA thing, and no longer represent the warrior spirit of Rumproast. I think our first act should be to attack them for betraying the cause, and drive a fracture line right through the heart of the Anti-PUMA Universe.

Details later. I’m just so angry right now I can’t type. {Frown Face]  (((((ROASTERS!!))))


AltHippo—I concur, except that I hate the word “prowl” and would like to suggest the term “RumpRodeo.”

Strange, If we RumpRodeo does that mean we get to yell “hee-haa” or “yaaa-hoo” instead of giving a “roar”?  If so than I am voting for RumpRodeo.

Comment by iceberg wedge on 12/18/08 at 04:19 PM

Hey Rip, you said it like 5 hours ago but I am still laughing at this:

Well, maybe ‘refreshing’ isn’t the right word.

Hendrik Hertzberg

Similarly, i can’t help being reminded of Alma Bridwell White and her Pillar of Fire Church lectures. Especially while reading some of Darragh Murphy’s recent bloodshot harangues (Muslims are rapists, etc…). White was famous for her outspoken support of the second Klan, especially the women of the KKK, and her tirades against “papal prisons” and jewish plots to enslave white Protestant Christian women in “vile places of amusement”. She pinned her moral agenda on behalf of women’s rights to the door of Christian Protestant white supremacy:

“Ku Klux Klan and Woman’s Causes” (Good Citizen Alam White (1922):

“The white men of this nation poured out their blood in behalf of the colored people to bring about their liberation from slavery, and the sacrifice should be appreciated. They gave the black man the ballot sixty years in advance of white women, who were created and given equal dominion on the basis of equality with man. The colored man has had a voice in making the laws of the land, while half of the white race remained in political bondage. When the black man was liberated it was time for women to be
enfranchised, without which the colored man with his newly-acquired rank became her political master.

Such reflections make one feel that man’s delinquency has been almost unpardonable.”
“One of the last great battles to ratify the Suffrage Amendment was fought in Tennessee and left in uncertainty. Connecticut finally came to the rescue and brought about its ratification. The white women bore the sting of humiliation for more than half a century in being placed in an inferior position to the black men in the use of the ballot and the rights of citizenship. The white men should have shown no delinquency in supporting the suffrage amendment.”

“To whom shall we look to champion the cause and to protect the rights of women? Is there not evidence that the Knights of the Klu [sic] Klux Klan are the prophets of a new and better age?”


Comment by the farmer on 12/18/08 at 04:53 PM

Yee Haw!!!


Where are you finding this comment or post by Chris Porter?  The googles, they do nothing!

OT OT Shameless self promotion OT OT
Help, I’m a SHOE!!!

an experiment in awful
or download from

It is time for women to arm themselves and shoot to kill. KILL. Can you hear me out there????

I am at my wits end, and tomorrow we will be subjected to more fucking insanity and they wonder why we are so fucking bitter.

Jen is unclear on who must die, sounds like she’s ramping up to slaughter random dipshits at Burger King

Back in the mid 80’s, I used to volunteer at a battered women’s shelter, as a frickin security guard at the door. These shelters cannot afford real security personnel.

My job was simply to call the cops if some loony drunken shit abuser managed to find out where the wife and kids were hiding.

I kept a 16 gauge sawed off under the desk, (not approved) just in case, and there were some tense moments, but unfortunately , I didn’t get to blow anyone’s balls off, as much as I would have liked to.

As a person who has experienced the horrors of abuse of women and little kids, these PUMA’s disgust me, they are poseurs and diminish the real issue of battered and abused women.

Sean, here you go…

It seems that since the electoral college argument failed, now it is the campaign he ran. When will it end. Many of you are like crack addicts in search of the next high. And like a crack addict, recovery and acceptance eludes you. So let me help. First: Know that your higher power would want you to surrender and accept. Say it with me: President Obama. Use it in a sentence: President Obama. It is easy to use in conversation. Example: There are people that do not believe that President Obama is a natural born citizen, but President Obama is working hard to make a better America. Are you not happy that President Obama is or President. I love President Obama. President Obama received 11 electors from the state of Washington. I think President Obama will do well. I would love to visit Hawaii where President Obama was born. It is no nice that we have a President Obama. Just think- in four years we get to re-elect President Obama.
Lastly, since that cold day in hell has happened and an African American has been elected as President. Bundle up bitches bundle up. President Obama will try to keep you warm.


His email was on the “federal electors” list that was attached to their FEC prowl.

Kevin—Thanks for sharing.  That was a most excellent response.  Poor guy probably had no idea what he was getting into spam-wise when he ran to be an elector…

Yeah, I thought it was good.  I would have omitted “Bundle up bitches bundle up,” but I’m sensitive that way.  ;)


Also see: oups332.html

Ms. Blee, 48, first became interested in hate groups nearly 20 years ago, when she discovered a Klan pamphlet from the 1920’s advocating women’s suffrage. She also found pamphlets advocating eight-hour days for mothers and the use of maiden names by married women. “I thought, This violates all my sense of historical categories,” Ms. Blee said. “The role of women in the Klan has been overlooked. They were not incidental, but the glue that held it together.”

So she decided to write a book focusing on Indiana, where she grew up and where nearly a quarter-million Klan women lived during the 1920’s. In old age homes, she found survivors. They hadn’t changed their views. Interviewing them was “hateful,” she said, adding, “They assumed because I was white I would agree.”

Some Klan women were suffragettes, Ms. Blee discovered, because they believed that the women’s vote would counteract votes of African-American men. Some joined because of the temperance movement. “They would say: ‘Drink is ruining the family. Who is to blame for that? Catholics,’ ” said Ms. Blee, who was raised in a Roman Catholic family in Fort Wayne. Catholics as well as blacks, she noted, were targets of the early Klan. (Ms. Blee asked that no other details of her personal life be published because of the dangers of her work.)

Although women did not participate in lynchings, they spread rumors against Jewish store owners and Catholic teachers to drive them from communities. Women also sustained the rituals necessary to cement membership, Klan weddings, christenings, cookbooks, parallel Little Leagues…

Strange:  well, and specifically, WHITE women; Sojourner Truth seems to have had her question rather emphatically answered “no, unless you agree with everything I say, -maybe-” by the likes of Murphy, J4H, etc.

I mean yeah, of course, lynch the terrible scary black -men-;  I’m sure their wives and families’re ever so grateful for the dubious sympathies of the PUMAs and their spiritual ancestors, you know.  Fuck knows we all are, really…

...and yet, you know.  I just finished listening to about half of that interview with Betty Jean #####, and…Well, she at least suddenly makes a -lot- more sense.  I mean, those interviews she did that’re on Youtube, where she’s talking about Obama and Hillary and so on in this vague, overwrought seeming way (I was watching in a trainwreck way too, yes): presumably that’s not only while her daughter’s got ovarian cancer but after the worthless ex-husband attacked her with a hammer. 

And so yeah, he gets out of jail after three months and attacks her -other- daughter, and it does sound like tragedy of some Biblical proportion (she lost her son to cancer as well), but you know what: that shit happens. 

The funny thing is she sounds a lot more…grounded in the interview from the hospital than I’ve seen from her before: it’s like: okay: this is where it is, then. 

So, yeah, I think Obama is not really a good displacement for…all that, you know. 

But: as they’re talking there, it’s like: well, yes, actually, I can see why they think they have to reinvent the wheel, some people, because for them the wheel never rolled around in the first place.  Yeah, domestic violence is still—not getting better.  Yeah, there -is- a connection between “o, boys will be boys” and someone getting let out of jail after -three months- after having assaulted his wife (who has -cancer-) with a motherfucking hammer.  Yeah, shit like the Favreau thing, I totally see why it -really- fucking pushed a lot of womens’ buttons; the language they used to try to communicate their feelings, well, maybe it read over the top because hey, no one seems to take them seriously otherwise.  Yeah, people know from experience that being grabbed is often a precursor to something a lot worse.  Yeah, actually.

So…I dunno.  I suddenly lost a lot of my appetite for mocking, although I’m sure it’ll come back with shit like the lawsuits and so on; and yet, everyone’s got their pain, right?  It all comes from -somewhere-.  Yeah, I think it’d be better if y’know people didn’t channel all this passion into increasingly removed and absurd seeming…-symbolic- shit, this ambiguous soundbite, that trumped up story about someone candidate’s sordid past…

but, maybe it’s easier to deal with, that way.

It would be nice if more of them—yeah, the comments on the threads talking about this are typically unbearable.  Actually, yes, the “old” feminism did talk about domestic violence, mhm, not “just” abortion; in fact they were the first -ones- to talk about it…but, yeah, I hear what they’re saying: apparently it’s not been enough.  And people are hailing what sounds to them like a Messiah whose narrative leaves them out, still.  So, now what?


Whoever started this thread making fun of a column that is a direct result of a man brutally assaulting two sisters is the biggest, dumbest asshole on the planet.

Do you realize you took quotes that were a direct result of a woman’s two daughters both being assaulted by the same man?
One was assaulted with a hammer while she slept because the guy (her husband, wanted her cancer meds)

After spending a whopping three months in jail, he came out and shot the sister in the face with a shotgun.  You are making fun of a column written as a direct result to this situation.

Kevin, if you ever introduce yourself to me as being the dumbass who started this thread, It will take great restraint on my part to not kick your fucking ass, you moron.


I guess the “Posted by Kevin K.” wasn’t a big enough of a giveaway…

Alessandro, you exceedingly stupid person, what I was mocking was the false equivalency Murphy set up with her post (what do lynchings of African-Americans have to do with women being murdered?). And I’m pretty sure I’ve done more to protect women from abusive men than you ever have, including physical confrontations with three different aggressors, so spare me the finger-wagging, tough guy.

Regarding introducing myself to you, that would probably involve scouring every Chuck E. Cheese in the LA area and I just don’t have the stamina for that.  Sorry.

p.s. Thanks for the two hits we got from the link at  I think I’m going to have to get a new hosting plan now to handle the massive influx of traffic.

You used up your three feats of Sir Ghalihadism with this topic, and then some.  Talk about false eqivalency (aka 2 hits) I didn’t bother to isolate your blog on DailyPUMA and make a story about it.

As for false equivalency in your article (you are the master of false equivalency), even if the percentage of victims is lower among married women compared to black lynchings, the fact that the overall number is still so much higher doesn’t make it acceptable nor something to ridicule.

I win!

Whoops, maybe not.  I just got one more hit.  That makes three in total from  The web servers are throwing sparks and Rumproast is just barely loading due the added stress.

Call off the <strike>dogs</strike> cats, Alessandro! Call off the cats! We can handle the roar no more.

Alessandro, you great eejit, there was no fucking reason for you lot to keep setting up false dichotomies between how many black people get brutally killed and how many women get brutally killed in the damn first place.  THAT’S why the topic.  Hint: some people are -both at once?-  And there are a lot of other women who aren’t exactly going to get on board when you keep making like their brothers and sons and husbands are Scary Thugs Whose Rights Are Somehow Taking Away From Teh (White, duh) Womens’?  Was true then, is still true now.  I know that’s a -really- difficult concept, but…

The fact that some people don’t take domestic violence seriously enough (yes, a serious problem in itself, one of the first and -only- ones I’ve seen that potentially might be something useful coming out of your “movement”) isn’t an excuse for the foaming racism (yes, I know, you lot don’t consider it a valid topic anymore) all over your blogs.  And yes, -lynching- does have a very -specific- meaning and doesn’t translate well to other Bad Things.  Just like -rape- does.  It’d be swell if people all over the place didn’t use both to mean whatever they want it to mean, particularly when it’s something like, “Someone is WRONG to me on the Internets,” but, as you may have noticed, there are a -lot- of stupid, solipsistic assholes around.

Oh yeah, that hit would’ve been me, I went to rubberneck.  Sorry, dude.

Wives were being killed at the rate of 4 per day in supposedly modern times, Black lynchings were happening at the rate of one every 7 days.

While one can argue that a hundred years ago populations were much smaller, the point of the article is that if you asked people which happened more often, most people would say black lynchings.

As for your Chucky Cheese comment, the reason you wouldn’t be able to find me is you wouldn’t make it past the first Chucky Cheese you came upon, those 2 for 1 coupons would be burning a hole through your pocket by then.

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