The GOP 2012 Primary is Still With Us, Weirdly Enough

When Michele Bachmann’s 2012 presidential campaign started to take a massive dump, I was kind of sympathetic but concerned.  To my jaded eye, Michele Bachmann’s campaign always looked like a form of trolling rather than a serious effort, and deep in my guts, I always thought Ron Paul, as a kind of rear-guard Goldwater winger, was also doing his part to run a presidential campaign to score points and #profit. Which is why the problems with the Bachmann campaign starting with Sorenson struck me as weird. I was interested with the allegations that Kent Sorenson was “bought” by the Bachmann campaign. But the evidence and the Bachmann campaign’s own allegations suggested the obvious reason he didn’t “stay bought”.  Iowa did not know they had a pimp.

He got a better offer. My immediate response was that the Paul campaign looked more viable, at the time—but the current story is that maybe there were reasons.

This whole affair is making me somewhat re-evaluate my estimation of both the Bachmann and Paul campaigns’ seriousness. Were these really a “straight shoot” and not “work” to make shit interesting for “Inevitable Mitt”? Did either of these candidates really think it was worth it to score points so much that they were violating campaign law in Iowa—up in the corn, feeling their oats? This makes me pre-emptively re-evaluate my estimation of Rand Paul’s obvious 2016 trolling. He could be for reals.

I don’t know if that scares me enough. I guess I won’t know until 2016. If anyone ever wonders where I go when I am not posting, I am recalibrating my cynicism, because sometimes I believe it must be broken.

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Ron is a standard practitioner of kayfabe, but Rand is somehow under the impression that rasslin’ is real. The metaphor breaks down because it’s impossible to be in the business as a wrestler and not know how things operate, but politicians are allowed to be ignorant and self-obsessed enough to not notice that they’re a jobber in someone else’s work. I think that’s Rand: a jobber who thinks he’s over.

God, using that much wrestling lingo is making me break out. I’ve never been a fan, but I’m oddly fascinated by the jargon.

This is Rand Paul’s big op to work out some of his “daddy issues.”  Unfortunately, AquaBuddha’s new blend of TEA & Liberty! Yeah! isn’t holding the attention of Paul-ites who seem to be outgrowing their libertarian phase.

To actually believe the crap that Rand thinks is true about political/economic theory requires the all-consuming fire of a true believer, and once you’ve crossed that bridge, thinking you really are a presidential candidate who can win just isn’t that much further of a step. 

I am reminded of the libertarians I knew in college who were completely sure that once everyone else understood their platform, the voters would abandon the other parties in droves; Rand just thinks the time has finally arrived.  I am also reminded of the “enhancing the contradictions” people I know who are also completely sure of exactly the same thing. True Believer-hood is an amazing thing.

just a demonstration of the free market at work.

what’s the old saying: “if you can’t take their money, drink their liquor, screw their women, and then vote against them, you don’t belong in politics.”

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