The Iceberg Cometh

Granted, it wasn’t as much fun as Billy Zane, Leo DiCaprio, The Heart Of The Ocean and that slinky flapper who was Claude Rains’ girlfriend in The Invisible Man… but this tuneful memorial to the sinking Titanic remains a wonderful tribute to the April 15th birthday of America’s colossal maritime tragedy.

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Thank you for the clip from that wonderful film.  That was such a classy film.

It was also the birth of the Disaster Entertainment Industrial Complex.

Hi Strange,
you’re a prophet.

You posted this just a short time before the Boston massacre.  I’m surprised it was not spotted by others. However, ideological fixation creates a regrettable bubble.

You have the ship going down with no salvation and the way people are dealing with it.

This surely mimics some of the sentiment in the recent tragedy.  The inevitability of death.

But look what some people did.  They decided to respond by creating the poignant beauty that only they could.  Their response to the inevitable was to keep beauty alive until their tragic end.

You must have been picking up some premonitions in the collective unconscious.

I refused to go see ‘The Titanic’ simply because I have vowed not to get my pleasure from watching the tragic fears of others.  And of course as you know, I’m one of those gun-totin’ right wingers.  However, those of us with military experience are probably less likely to indulge in sport violence than people for whom violence is only an abstraction.

Dear Formerly Amherst:

Sometimes, you just can’t avoid being subjected to other people’s tragic fears. In my case at least, Hell consists of Lori Petty and Ann Magnuson in Tank Girl gear. And that is definitely the sort of torment that I could endure for All Eternity.

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