The importance of Casey’s Obama endorsement

PA resident Michael Tedesco from Comments from Left Field:

There is not a word to describe the scale of this endorsement so I will settle simply on gargantuan.

Read it all.

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This is great news. Pretty surprising, given how heavily Clinton is favored in the state. What’s ironic about this is that Rendell supports Clinton and now Casey supports Obama, but Obama will probably get a lot of the people who voted for Rendell in the 2002 primary and Clinton will probably get most of the people who voted for Casey. But hopefully Casey can help Obama make inroads among white working class voters.

FYI, I added you to the blogroll I am building on my blog of bloggers who support Obama. If I mischaracterized your blog or you don’t want to be listed just let me know and I will remove you. You’re welcome to post a reciprocal link if you so choose, but no pressure.

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