The King of Soda Pop

I don’t drink much soda these days aside from the occassional Diet Dr. Pepper or diet ginger ale, but the owner of Galco’s Soda Pop Stop in L.A. makes me want to bathe in the stuff. Honestly, this guy is one of the best spokesmen ever. [via BuzzFeed]

Posted by Kevin K. on 08/28/09 at 03:22 PM • Permalink

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That’s pretty sweet.

He’s amazing. I think I’m in love.

I quit drinking soda pop three years ago. It piled on a lot of empty calories. But I think it would be worth a few calories to try some of those yummy-looking sodas. I hope his business does well.

That was pretty damn good kev. Happy Camp, for those who wish to know, is a Karuk (upriver people) Indian Reservation about 2 hours northeast of Eureka in some of the most beautiful country in this nation.

That store is the best, however I recall a run in my boss had with that guy, my boss has an old coke machine from the 60’s that dispenses glass bottles and that was the only store around that still sold the real coke made with sugar, which is imported from Mexico. We went there consistently for over a year until he tried to sell us bottled coke that he insisted had cane sugar however the labeling told a different story, he got really mad and practically kicked us out of the store. Needless to say, my boss hasn’t been back since and has found the real sugar coke made in Mexico at Costco and Sam’s Club. They also have a deli there that sells delicious sandwiches. If anyone is ever in LA, it’s about 10 minutes north of downtown off the 110 fwy, it’s worth a stop.

He mentioned Manhattan Special! I lived on Manhattan Special all through college. It is the most delicious, genuine espresso soda, and a bottle of that will make an all-nighter seem about ten minutes long.

It’s an Italian soda, and used to come in a bottle with an entirely politically incorrect label, with a brilliantined man sitting at a table while an aproned woman brought his bottle of Manhattan Special to him on a tray. I loved that label, and was perversely sorry when they changed it.

Though it says “Manhattan,” it’s Brooklyn all the way. By the way Kevin, it’s available sugar-free, and it’s not too bad, either.

what you said.
With a guy like that, what else do you need?

I love BubbleUp.

Wow, just wow.  I stopped my fondness of soda a while back.  But now I think I am in love again!
I especially am interested in the coffee soda and naturally carbonated soda.  Too bad the price and shipping is quite out of my budget.

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