The lady doth protest too much [Updated]

From Hannity’s show tonight, here’s the sounds an iceberg makes when it’s melting (I’d rather give Media Matters the hits than Fox—more excerpts in the MM sidebar if you click through).

When you have to give a television interview to try to explain and justify your utterances in your last media appearance, what comes next? Another media appearance to explain and justify your utterances in that one too?

What was missing from this? A number of things, none of which are much of a surprise.

A reference to any of the victims of the shooting by name.

The claim that the symbols on the map were “surveyor’s symbols” rather than crosshairs (bye bye, RAM!).

Despite strong rumors to the contrary on some “insider blogs”, a declaration of her intention to run for the presidency.

Happy Martin Luther King Day.

If you really want to see a fuller version, here it is (though it’s likely to get pulled from Youtube by Fox at any time):

UPDATE: And here’s David Frum on Lawrence O’Donnell’s show, who thinks “She should stop talking NOW”:


UPDATE 2: Even the conservative Newt Gingrich is embarrassed by the Kwitter Kween:

I think that she’s got to slow down and be more careful and think through what she’s saying and how’s she’s saying it.

Yeah, that’ll work.

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This is basically just an extended version of the video she put out.  A couple of minutes of token lip service to the victims then diving right into who the real victims were.  (Hint:  she’s one of them).

Oh and the crosshairsy stuff - Democrats invented that and do it all the time of course!

And did she really seem to say that Martin Luther King would have supported her truthy truthiness?  And that if anyone took her down the Republic would fall with her?

But overall, once again, all. about. Sarah. Everything.  Under the sun, apparently.  I just want to make this woman go away.

Thank you, marindenver for the shorter because I was NOT going to get out of that boat.  Can’t she please just go away already?

And did she really seem to say that Martin Luther King would have supported her truthy truthiness?  And that if anyone took her down the Republic would fall with her?

Yup. My irony meter overloaded when she started banging on about “lies.” The Republic falling crack was an echo of Beck’s comment about what would happen if she got picked off, I think.

I just want to make this woman go away.

I debated with myself whether to post this or just ignore her, but since we’ve catalogued her career so far, it seemed a shame to miss what I hope will prove to be her endtimes!

David Frum’s analysis is good too.  “It may just be too rigorous a process for her.”


I debated with myself whether to post this or just ignore her

Oh, not criticism of you!  At this point she is still considered by many to be a viable presidential candidate.  Therefore she cannot be ignored.  My wish is that she will just continue to parade around as the empress with no clothes on to the point that finally her so-called base just abandons her.  And I’m thinking we’re getting there.

It’s always too early to listen to a chainsaw on a rusty nail but I did see this description of one of the clips:

Palin Defends Her Use Of “Blood Libel,” Criticizes Members Of Jewish Community Who Condemned It

So yes, we can expect another appearance to explain why we’re all so stupid for not loving her madly. It ain’t gonna be pretty when Faux stops returning her calls.

I’m going with a variation of Tom65’s “shorter” following the ill-conceived al Wasilla video release (and a nod to Brit’s title):

“Out, damn’d spot!”

I was pretty convinced early on that Palin wouldn’t run for president because grifting has been enormously profitable for her and easy too—why subject herself to hard-hitting questions like “What do you read?” from journalistic wolverines like the fierce and scary Katie Couric?

But ever since it became clear that the establishment Republicans were attempting to shove her aside, I’ve thought she might run out of pure spite. Spite seems to be her primary motivator.

The Tucson fall-out has definitely rattled her. She should take Frum’s advice and clam up about it. But she just can’t.

A self-aware person who was more committed to advancing her party’s ideals than self-aggrandizement would realize that, yeah, being called out by name on TV for using violent imagery by a politician who was subsequently gunned down is damaging politically, fairly or not. A sensible person would know that tossing bloody hunks of red meat to your rabid fan base won’t be enough to position you to appeal to the broader coalition you’ll need to actual mount a credible national campaign.

But Palin is neither self-aware nor sensible: She lives in the Conservatives4Palin bubble and believes statements like these:

Her interview with Sean Hannity, just aired, was almost pitch-perfect. It was dignified. It was well-modulated. It was strong. And it was thoughtful.

And they thought the video release last week was a shining accomplishment, a magnificent achievement that made Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address and MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speeches look narrow and unambitious by contrast.

They create their own reality, so why would near-universal acknowledgment that Palin’s handling of this has been a disqualifying disaster change their minds if she truly wants to extract revenge by going after the GOP nomination? It won’t.

A melting iceberg?  Was there a Tiny Tim soundtrack backing that up?

Was there a Tiny Tim soundtrack backing that up?

There is now!

How good of Dr. King to help provide support to Sarah Palin during her terrible ordeal.

“It may just be too rigorous a process for her.”

—in which “it” refers to “telling the truth about anything.”

The right’s collective freakout over this is down to the same reason they freak out whenever someone talks about reinstating the Fairness Doctrine - namely, money. They’ve built an entire industry on vitriol and misinformation. Policy has nothing to do with what they say, it’s just a means to an end. Whipping up the roughly 25% of this country that lives in constant fear of socialists, gun confiscators or medication-stealing robots has turned out to be quite lucrative.

OK, WTF is up with Frum’s left eye?

He’s been like that ever since his wife blabbed about the Axis of Evil thing, Tom.

I get an occasional twitch in my left eyelid when I don’t get enough sleep. Gawd, I hope it doesn’t look as bad as his. It’s all I could watch through the end of the segment.

OK, WTF is up with Frum’s left eye?

Nerve damage from contracting Lyme disease from a deer last summer. No idea whether the deer survived.

I think it’s hilarious that Hannity couldn’t bring himself to name Brit Hume as the one who called Sarah “kind of radioactive.”

@Comrade_Mary, I get an eye twitch occasionally too, but I’ve actually been able to look in a mirror when it’s happening, and it is barely visible (definitely FEELS more intense, though).

Frum, on the other hand, has a MAJOR eye twitch.

Nerve damage from contracting Lyme disease from a deer last summer.

No, really.

Heh, sorry @YAFB, I did see your reply to Comrade_Mary before commenting; should have noted it.

On the Palin nomination issue—I’ve always thought she was going to go for it, actually.  Yes, she’s acting more like a grifter than a person going for a presidency run—but that always struck me as the result of the fundamental Palin trait, ignorance.  She’s a nitwit with a vague idea of how politics work, and she imagines her publicity machine and shakedowns are how a person runs for president

Of course it will almost certainly fail.  That’s why I keep saying “Tampa 2012”.  There’s going to be a lot of angry Palin supporters by the time the convention rolls around, and they will at least show up to protests, and quite possibly try some Operation Chaos style malarkey.  If that happens, it’ll turn out bad.  As in “Chicago ‘68, with guns added’ bad.  (And I think the Republican tendency to view themselves as the disciplined tough party, and the Democrats as out of control moonbats who can barely be kept in line will have them whistling in the dark as it becomes more and more apparent that things are going to get scary.)

Well, of COURSE she’s going to run.  She’s the grifter queen.  And that humungous wardrobe she scored during her last tilt at the white house is at LEAST a couple of seasons out of date now.

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