The Nerd Prom Experience—Get Some

There’s no reason for me to believe that this year’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner will be as interesting as last year’s, what with President Obama’s digs at the billionaire birther Donald Trump after having released his birth certificate (the moneyed gent in question having made priceless faces of discontent), and with the events that followed being, well, what they were. This one doesn’t have the same narrative—but oh, well.

This whole Media Villager/Celebrity/Politician shmoozeapolooza makes me uncomfortable—and yet I must watch.  So I’m following the stream on C-Span and Twitter. And, yes, self-loathing.  Did I need to mention the self-loathing? Did you see LiLo and Kim Kardashian?  OMG! 

So, I guess what I’m saying is—if you’re also vicariously hitting the Nerd Prom hard and want to commiserate: I’m here for you and with you.

Posted by Vixen Strangely on 04/28/12 at 08:22 PM • Permalink

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Just checked in on nerd prom. Obama is doing his warming up for the speech bit. Adorable!  Unless your last name rhymes with Camembert.

It’s great to be here in the Hilton ballroom. Or, as Mitt Romney would call it: “a little fixer-upper.”

That’s a good line.

Nice backhand at HuffPo—just saying.

I wanted to congratulate the Huffington Post on their Pulitzer Prize. You don’t see anyone else linking to the hard-hitting journalism like they do.

We both have degrees from Harvard. I have one. He has two. What a snob.


Mitt Romney has Two degrees from Harvard—what a snob!

Ooh, I just got that in under the wire.

My German Shepard Max wants some dog socialism.

I had some more material prepared, but I have to get the Secret Service home for their new curfew. Best line ever.

Okay, I’ll be good now and let Vixen get a few words in.

That’s a good line.

Very good!  And LOL, he just made a joke about eating dog as a boy!  I do love this preznut.  I don’t agree with everything he’s done but he’s head and shoulders above R$Money as a good person.

To Chris Christie: “It’s not the Olive Garden state.”

Kimmel gets nerd-props for Fox-mole material.

“Everything that is wrong with America is here in this room.”

I guess Rick Santorum is out. I guess it wasn’t his year. His year a was 1954.

Current took off like a North Korean Rocket—I laughed, and I *like* Current tv.  Well, the War Room.

I also like Current TV. But, Korean rockets are kind of funny.

Funny “ha, ha?” or funny, “awwwww, that’s a shame?”  (Eh, both.)

So, where would you rank Kimmel’s act on the spectrum of #nerdprom?

The scale I believe would be: Colbert=10. Rich Little = 0.

Oh. Colbert blew up the curve. It’s like, anyone normal is at best a seven. Then there’s no eight or nine. And Colbert was ten. So Kimmel was like a 6.9—but that’s really good. Because otherwise, the best he could be is really seven.

Yeah, and I’m kind of okay with that. As much as I relished Colbert’s bit, I wouldn’t want everyone trying something equally risky.  It’s the kind of evening where a good solid 6.9 is just what you want.

Nice backhand at HuffPo—just saying.

It got the biggest applause from that crowd.

It cracks me up the way The Prez takes on the winger conspiracies head on at these dinners.

It cracks me up the way The Prez takes on the winger conspiracies head on at these dinners.

If you mean when he said that his father was born in Kenya, and he was born in Hawaii (knowing wink), that was priceless.

Well, the whole socialist dog video too.

For those who missed the Comedian in Chief’s standup routine, here you go.

Btw, if this whole “president” thing doesn’t work out for Barry, I think HBO or Comedy Central should give him his own show.

On a more personal note, I never went to a prom (having gone to a small, all girls high school) or a White House Correspondents’ Dinner, but I guarantee you I would have had way more fun at the latter.

Comment by J. on 04/29/12 at 09:01 AM

Thanks J, I enjoyed watching that.  I hadn’t intended to, but damn it was good to see Obama subject so much winger BS to a serious public shaming via the humor channel.  I suspect that nothing pisses off a winger more than being laughed at.

We showed our daughters the youtube of the Prez this morning and then added the 24 minutes of Colbert’s routine. 24 minutes of the most cold blooded courage you will ever see, anywhere. To make those jokes in the face of a totally dead silent and hostile audience, right next to Bush whose face went from ruddy good cheer to purple rage? My god it was incredible. Also: its like a time capsule. It was an incredible experience to see them back to back.


Colbert’s routine was a sight to behold; I still re-watch it occassionally, and I am always stunned at just how hard-hitting and courageous he was.  Even better when I remember how The Villagers tried to aggressively pan it because Stephen did the one thing they don’t allow: he told the truth, and he put a fine, sharp point on it.  Thankfully we have the internet, and that the thing went viral or else those self-serving bastards would have gotten away with it!

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