The New RNC: Steele Chafes at Spending Restraints, While Seeking Tighter Bonds With Topless Voters

In a fairly anodyne post of the “some people are starting to wonder” variety, Tucker Carlson Jonathan Strong at Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller site reports on big-donor grumblings about RNC Chairman Michael Steele’s apparent knack for burning through Committee cash reserves. 

Raw Story, on the other hand, goes straight for the naughty bits:

The report cites figures from a new Federal Election Commission filing. According to the records, Steele dropped $1,946.25 at topless bar Voyeur West Hollywood, which the article notes is a “bondage-themed nightclub featuring topless women dancers imitating lesbian sex.”

“Tolerance training” or “voter outreach”? Neither excuse is likely to fly with disenchanted GOPers who never quite grokked Steele’s “hepcat” inclusivity sell, and can’t steer him to the exit door fast enough. 

NOTE: Raw Story’s post includes a lurid description of the goings-on at Voyeur West, for the anthropologically inclined.

UPDATE: I’ve corrected the authorship citation above. It’s Carlson’s site, but Jonathan Strong was the actual writer.

Also, the RNC says Steele wasn’t involved, and they’ve asked the RNC member who expensed the Voyeur West outing to return the money…so everything’s OK now. Just one of those wacky misunderstandings.

LATER UPDATE: And comes now Tucker himself, to defend the Daily Caller‘s original story.

...and the culprit is identified as Erik Brown, a direct marketing consultant working for the CA Gubernatorial campaign of Steve Poizner.

...and the money will be returned. Case closed. Move along, citizen.

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Very telling that Tucker Carlson is breaking this. The long knives are obviously out for Steele.

This story is going to be EVERYwhere by the evening news.

How long before Steele is told to get on the plane to Vegas, that’s what I want to know…

If the RNC wants Steele gone, they’ll have a ticklish bit of business getting rid of him, but how very unsurprising that they would start a smear campaign where they try to turn him into Smoove B (thanks, Strange! Ever since you introduced him to me, my life has been so very much smoother).

Most commenters at DC seem not to be buying it, although there is this charming fellow:

Nice to see where Mr and Mrs Middle Class GOP contributions are going.
Michael Steal-excellent choice for the RNC head. Please keep him in office-everytime he opens his mouth Lincoln rolls over in his grave

But only because Lincoln was a Republican TOO!

This appetite for flash and trash and misuse of RNC donations for high-living—who does Steele think he is, Sarah Palin?

Lots of GOPers and their allies love spending time in West Hollywood.

There’s a purpose-driven bear who can’t seem to stay away from the area either.

My guess is that the powers that be won’t let Steele go because they know he’ll go the media and sing like a canary about what he knows.

Please note my update to the original post, including the RNC response.

The Daily Caller article by Jonathan Strong used the Voyeur West expense as an example supporting the assertion that “Steele travels in style”...although he’s now dodging the RNC’s wrath by invoking the lame out that he never actually placed Steele at the scene.

Raw Story then paraphrased Strong’s text to produce the line “Steele dropped $1,946.25 at [a] topless bar,” which sounded pretty definitive.

In fairness, it’s probably unfair to suggest that Steele alone is accountable for every line-item expense that’s reimbursed from the RNC account. Obviously, no one is paying attention.

True, but I think the weakness here starts at the top.  Steele is an incompetent hack who got the job thanks to that good ol’ right wing afirmative action—amazing how their version is exactly like the imaginary version they mock the left for supporting—and has proceeded to show every day, in every way, what a bad call they made.

What great optics everywhere, and in particular what a proud moment for the Daily Caller. It may not be their first self-serving, Winchellesque attempt to slime one of their own, but it’s the first anybody’s noticed.

Actually, it may be the first anything about the DC that anybody’s noticed.

..and the money will be returned. Case closed. Move along, citizen.

Not so fast!  I still want to know about all the chartered private jets, the high priced hotel bills and the Hawaii trip!  What’s the story with all that?  This guy’s blatantly using donor’s money to live like a rock star.  To which I can only say - hahahahahahahahaha!!!  You deserve it, Republican chumps.

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