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Will the McCain-Palin campaign rip a page from the script of The Birdcage and attempt to distract voters from the campaign’s falling fortunes by staging a pre-election shotgun wedding between two teenagers on the tundra? According to TPM, this British paper seems to think so:

In an election campaign notable for its surprises, Sarah Palin, the Republican vice-presidential candidate, may be about to spring a new one—the wedding of her pregnant teenage daughter to her ice-hockey-playing fiancé before the November 4 election.

Inside John McCain’s campaign the expectation is growing that there will be a popularity boosting pre-election wedding in Alaska between Bristol Palin, 17, and Levi Johnston, 18, her schoolmate and father of her baby. “It would be fantastic,” said a McCain insider. “You would have every TV camera there. The entire country would be watching. It would shut down the race for a week.”

Honest to godz, nothing from the McCain-Palin campaign would surprise me at this point. Will McCain dress in fatigue pants, a black wife-beater shirt and a headband ala Rambo and parachute into Waziristan with a knife between his teeth to personally hunt down Osama bin Laden? Wouldn’t surprise me. Will Palin cancel the debate with Biden to instead kill a moose and half a dozen wolves with her bare hands on live TV while dressed as Xena, Warrior Princess and? It could happen.

How would the proposed shotgun wedding play? Well, who knows. You’d hope that after an incredible week in which WaMu ATMs failed to disgorge cash to the portly, smug remnants of conservative intelligentsia, after the fidgety, darty-eyed moron who is the titular head of this nation gave two addresses that failed to reassure a frightened citizenry, as multi-gazillion-dollar congressional bailout talks roiled on the rocks of egomaniacal, partisan meddling, as some unfortunates foraged for edible roots in foreclosed, weed-choked gardens and angry protesters converged on Wall Street, people would be looking for serious answers instead of bread and circuses.

But bread and circuses masquerading as an electoral process is what we’ve got—an absurd big-top farce in which Machiavellian strategists conspire in one ring, and packs of overly barbered poodles twirl around on their hind legs and yap into microphones in the second and troupes of shady lobbyists juggle bags of cash in the third.

Heck, the media could spend at least a week discussing whether or not the bride-to-be will wear white! I say the McCain campaign goes there. They can say all the wedding planning keeps Palin from being available to the media and her preoccupation with the upcoming event is why she sounds like a blithering idiot during interviews. Millions of heartland mothers would identify with that, right?

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I’ll bet you’re right. They will sense the urgency to start a new hype-cycle right before voting day.

I think the cycle would keel over before it even got started - I really think most people would sense the crassness of trying to deflect people’s attention from McCain’s disastrous campaign by turning the poor kid’s shotgun wedding into a massive spectacle.  Even their base might get turned off by it.  The fact that the un-named “McCain insider” would be so gleeful at the prospect just shows how out of touch those people are.  I really do pity Bristol - having a mother like Sarah and then having her pregnancy and forced marriage being used for political capital to further her mother’s ambitions.  That kid is going to need a boatload of therapy down the road.

I just don’t see the American people buying it, especially after McCain’s failed “save the economy” stunt this week. Everyone will start asking (or, at least, wondering) why this couldn’t have waited until after the election. We’re only a little over a month and a week away from the 4th. It’ll backfire on them horribly.  About their only defense left on Palin’s lack of knowledge about, well, everything is that she’s allegedly a “quick study.”  If it looks like she’s going to give up studying to start picking out floral arrangements and wedding invites, that will vastly erode what little confidence the Americans have in her.

So, ya know, bring it on.

Plus, does everyone remember how much Jenna’s wedding helped Bush’s popularity numbers?

No. Everyone does not remember. Refresh us.

Having lived in the bible belt the last few years I find what frightens me profoundly is that the ‘publicans have an uncanny sense of what is “good enough”. All they have to do is tip the scales just *so* much. A shotgun wedding between 2 horny teenagers is just the right thing to do when they accidentally conceive in the back of a freezing cold, empty strewn, mud-tired bronco.  Middle America is swarming with people who came into this earth the same way, good enough, they get the vote…

From my perspective I don’t think the old fahrt’s campaign has been so disastrous, as it was termed above.  I want to see a landslide to really rub their noses in it, but I’m scared shitless it’s gonna be real close. Gimmicks work.  “America” loves a carnival.

David Brooks in the NYTimes(Friday)had this to say about McCain

It’s not that he has changed his political personality that bothers me. I’ve come to accept that in this media-circus environment, you simply cannot run for president as a candid, normal person.

Yoohoo David, there is one person running for President as a condid normal person in this campaign and his name is Barack Hussein Obama (two if you include Joe Biden).  It’s your team that has taken this to circus levels over the last few elections you dumb ass (he actually isn’t a dumb ass but no thinking person can defend McCain’s choice of VP).

Comment by iceberg wedge on 09/28/08 at 12:30 PM

Gimmicks work.  “America” loves a carnival.

Well, America isn’t responding too well to McCain’s gimmicks filled carnival of last week.  He’s tanking in the polls.  And the debates only get better from here on out.

Remembering 2004, when Kerry cleaned Bushes clock in three debates, right before the election, and Bush looked so incompetent and stupid, talking to voices in his head (Rove), with wires coming out his backside, and then he wins the election, nothing will make me confident until the last vote is counted and Obama has won. There is no way to predict what the right wing nutballs and their church allies can pull off. They can rally the congregations and they can suppress the votes. Reason can’t be used to predict the outcome.

Reason can’t be used to predict the outcome.

No, but I would certainly argue that this election is being held in a vastly different political, economic and social climate.  The influence of the religious right neocons has greatly diminished (due to Dems in the last election pushing back hard and taking back Congress, a trend which is continuing), the failing economy is heavily on peoples’ minds and the war has become a long national disaster.

I know a lot of people who voted for Bush in 2004 simply because they had concerns about new leadership with a war going on (stupid, I know, but that was their rationale).  In addition the Democrats already have civil rights lawyers working on staving off voter fraud attempts before they occur. Obama is running a vastly smarter campaign than Kerry did and probably one of the best organized campaigns in history.  During the debate Obama showed he is a calm, in control, leader with a real grasp of the issues.

McCain, on the other hand, is relying on increasingly predictable razzle dazzle moves to try and win the voters back to his maverickyness.  It’s not working.  I agree we can never assume that an Obama win is a given.  But I feel a lot better now than I did a couple of weeks ago.  And I just don’t see what McCain can pull out of his ass to get the momentum back now.

More importantly, what do you get for the girl whose mom got U.S. taxpayers to pay for a sports complex and ice rink for her behaviorly challenged son?

There will be a circus, Betty, oh yes. The question is, one ring or three?

(Btw, I don’t think you can compare Jenna’s wedding, which was actually a classy, PRIVATE affair to the circus that will surely be Bristol’s shotgun wedding.)

The notion that a stunt like this could “shut down the race for a week” , is absurd until you realize that the media would probably fall for it. Even with the all the important shit going on right now , you just KNOW the media wouldn’t be able to resist a Redneck Royal Wedding between Bible Spice’s slutty daughter and the poor bastard that was unlucky enough to knock her up. I can just picture it , Sarah and Todd with their “Sunday go to meeting” shotguns , Reverand Witch Hunter bar-b-queing a few “witches” before presiding over the blessed event,Bristol waddling down the aisle, her belly straining the seams on her white dress , Levi in his best bib overalls. A regular Jerry Springer extravaganza which trailer park America will wholeheartedly embrace.
And of course , talking about the kids will still be off limits , unless it’s to ask what gifts the Royal Couple want from Wal-Mart

Btw, I don’t think you can compare Jenna’s wedding, which was actually a classy, PRIVATE affair to the circus that will surely be Bristol’s shotgun wedding.

I agree, but remember the early rumors were that the marriage was a play to boost Bush’s numbers.  The Palins will be forced to pull back if there’s a similar perception.

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