The Orliad, Book 2

This week was a very busy week for Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq.
Yesterday, March 25, 2009, she pounded the pavement in DC.
03-28-2009 04;27;52AM

First stop was to William Chatfield’s office, Director of the Selective Service

03-30-2009 12;27;11AM

Dr. Taitz provided Mr. Chatfield with a full copy of the dossier sent to the Attorney General, Eric Holder.
03-28-2009 03;03;14AM

She highlighted sections of the dossier to show Mr. Chatfield that Barack Obama has hundreds of Social Security Numbers and properties associated with his name. One Social Security Number in particular was issued in Connecticut, and lists him as being 118 years old. (Attachment B)

(Attachment D) shows that Magic Plumbing had worked on the sprinkler system at the World Trade Center just days before 9/11. One of the men that performed this work lived in Brooklyn. He left Brooklyn on 9/11 and went to Tennessee. A woman that had a court date involving identity theft with the motor vehicle department in Tennessee met a mysterious death.
03-28-2009 03;06;10AM
Mr. Chatfield had no comment or thought in reference to this material being shown to him.

While at the Senate building, a phone report was made to Captain Crowford, legal counsel to Admiral Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff.

03-30-2009 12;22;58AM

From there she went to Senator Kyl’s office, Minority Whip and Senate Judiciary Committee
03-28-2009 03;00;35AM
After that, it was off to the Pentagon.
03-28-2009 03;11;56AM

“Respectfully submitted.
and is being hand delivered on my way to the airport, flying back to California”

As always, brought to you by a grant from the Anna Russell Foundation: “I’m Not Making This Up You Know!”


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She’s back! Hurrah! Another triumphant episode in the life of Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq.

Hey, I’m first! Who do I pay?

We’re all paying, Brad. All the time.

But donations of Elvis paintings with timepieces are sometimes accepted in lieu of other donations.

I particularly like:

The sprinklers in Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq’s eyes.

Hobbes, Hobbes & More Hobbes.

Will there be a Orlyssey?

No, the next one will be the Idiocy.

Ah. Of course. Well, tonight’s episode is chock full of that.

And cleverness, of course.

I cannot believe how you can capture Orly Taitz.  A gift.  Mrs. P. you truly are the greatest artist of our time.

The cherry blossom sprinklers are er ... the bomb!



What’s the over/under on her first appearance on The Glenn Beck Show?

Truly beautiful!

Mr. Chatfield had no comment or thought in reference to this material being shown to him.

Oh, I’m sure he did ...

Thank you again for your latest illustrated rendition of “The Orliad”, Mrs Polly!

You’re very welcome. And in case I didn’t make it clear, I’m just the illustrator; Orly’‘s writing it.

I’m just the illustrator; Orly’’s writing it.

And that’s the genius of it. But “only the illustrator?” My God, Mrs. Polly, you manage to completely externalize the totality of that insaniac’s inner workings.

The hand-drawn line lives!

It is truly wondrous artwork! And let me just repeat my suspicion that Taitz is a genius performance artist who is having us all on. When she reveals the hoax, The New Yorker should contract Mrs. Polly to illustrate the inevitable cover story.

If Orly is a performance artist she is definitely a genius.  It is hard to believe that someone can be that genuinely crazy and not be locked up somewhere.  Love the illustrations, Mrs. P.  Deliciously anticipating The Idiocy.

It is hard to believe that someone can be that genuinely crazy and not be locked up somewhere.

She’s from California, thank Reagan.

Oily Taint.

That is all.

Tom, I am on a mission to make Rumproast the number one search result for the phrase “oily taint.”

If we use it frequently enough I’m sure we can overtake all the scholarly treatises on detecting petrochemical contamination by inspecting shellfish for an “oily taint.”

All hail Oily Taint, Queen of the Birfers!

Just a thought, you know for people with time on their hands, and you know just a minor evil streak.  But Orly has a petition up and it is not moderated.

I will not say how many of the new sigs are me, but I was bored this afternoon and I actually made myself laugh a couple of times

(hmmm Angus McCoatup)

Go have fun.  And Kevin could you post the link over at Wonkette in the comments somewhere, I am sure that hilarity will ensue if the Wonketeers get involved. es/signatures-22.html

Comment by Litlebritdifrnt on 03/30/09 at 05:11 PM

That was fun, thanks for sharing Litlebrit.

Never mind about the Wonkette thing, I am so bad that I created an account over there for the sole purpose of letting loose the Wonketteers on Orly.  I am making popcorn.  Should be fun.

I love it, Litlebrit. Thanks so much. Dasha Treason, Ivana D. Porturoosky and Hussein U.R. Notayahu concur.

All right, which one of you did it?

That’s fabulous! I’m pleased to see at least one familiar signer, and it totally makes me change my mind about her.

Booooo, the petition is being censored a bit.  I put in a couple of Monty Python references.  Two entire entries and a comment were removed.

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