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What a disingenuous twat.

Posted by Kevin K. on 06/30/09 at 09:34 AM • Permalink

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Easy there, Hitler.

I recall a CNN interview with Putz a few years ago, in which he kept saying things like “I think the war in Iraq is a good thing.”

Then the interviewer threw him a change up, saying that in his research for the interview he noticed that Putz, Sr., was a noted anti-war protester and Harvard professor.  That shut him up.

The interviewer didn’t have to say “By any chance has your life been lived in reaction to your father?” I’m sure anyone who listened inferred it.

My favorite part of that thread is the item he posted that he was forced to retract as untrue.

Gee, when you scour the web looking obsessively for any evidence that appears to support your paranoid delusions, who could forsee that you might sometimes bite a worm that turns out to have a fishhook embedded in it?

Putz, Sr., was a noted anti-war protester and Harvard professor.

Shut up! So Putz is just the Alex P. Keaton of Blogistan. Who knew?

Good one, Betty!

Reynolds is a Nazi, but in the nice, “smart-marketing” sense.

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