The Partnership of Parental Propagandists

So this happened over the weekend:


Yes, there really is an organization that calls itself—without a hint of irony, mind you!—“The Sisterhood of Mommy Patriots” (wiping away snot and socialism with the Hankie of Holiness since 2009!).

Its founding mombies were inspired by Glenn Beck to push aside the tuna sandwiches and juice boxes on their kitchen counters and launch a cyber-mombie resistance cell to beat back the Kenyan Kommies:

Just like the Minute Men of the Revolutionary War, these Minute Mommies are poised to act as a rapid strike force whenever the boot of tyranny presses against their children’s necks. For example, the network allows them to deploy at a moment’s notice to pester school officials to exempt young Snotleigh from being forced to view the Kenyan Usurper’s back-to-school message, lest the anti-colonial commie slip in subliminal messages about the NEW WORLD ORDER between admonitions to “work hard in school,” etc.

I actually infiltrated this organization quite some time ago. I wanted to see what the teatards were up to without having to actually, you know, come into close physical proximity to them. There’s a fairly lengthy and intrusive application process, which ascertains the prospective member’s theological status, etc.

But it was too boring to keep up with for long—the discussion threads are mostly about stuff like how to make a flag cake with box mix, food coloring and marshmallows, and even topics like that quickly degenerate into howling denunciations of fellow mommy patriots for insufficient patriotism.

It was a fruitless endeavor whose only recompense was the conviction that eventually these people’s children will rebel and become lesbian puppeteers or something. But no one can say Palin doesn’t know how to kiss blogger ass, so there’s that.

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howling denunciations of fellow mommy patriots for insufficient patriotism.

So like sPUMAs but with offspring. [Shudder]

Might you have a copy of the application?

I don’t, HTP. You could find out at if you felt like going through the trouble of establishing a fake email address, etc. I remember it included a question about whether or not you believe in god, stuff about the sanctity of life, etc.

Weird—they both have normally-shaped heads, but their brains are producing thoughts that have no content.

I can absolutely guarantee these two Recessive Gene-Bags never had any reservations about letting their kids listen to a White President…or a Black cleaning lady.

Recessive Gene-Bags

‘twould make a fine band name!

Yes, there really is an organization that calls itself—without a hint of irony, mind you!—“The Sisterhood of Mommy Patriots”

I’m sure it sounds much less silly in the original German.

Comment by Steve M. on 09/27/10 at 09:31 AM

Even Phyllis Schlafly had more dignity than these pinheads.

Comment by Oblomova on 09/27/10 at 09:36 AM

Actually, Amanda at Pandagon had a post a while back that explored the idea of how the culture war isn’t just fought on Fox Comedy net or on talk radio, but also on cooking shows and Oprah, on Dear Abby and Lifetime Movies. A lot of my former inlaws are Quiverful women, spewing out 5-6 kids they can’t feed, living on the social safety net while organizing and attacking local school systems, voting against every levy they can, and promoting teabaggers to every elected post they can squeeze into. Seems obvious when you look at it from outside the purely political sphere. Prolly why Obama went on the View, I should think.

Steve and Twinky, we laugh, but I really am struck sometimes by the totalitarian character of some elements of the wingnut movement. Beck in particular gets all up in his listeners’ grills in a really personal way: Don’t wear costumes to tea party events. Pray on your knees. That sort of thing.

I can’t think of a corollary on the left off hand. I adore Rachel Maddow, but I would find it weird and creepy if she started telling me how to dress or how to get right with Jeebus. That’s one tiny piece of why I find it so ridiculous when people compare Fox and MSNBC. There’s just no comparison.

Betty, it hit me halfway thru the Bush years that there are some people who absolutely need some strong, ostensibly moral, Leader (manly man, of course) to tell them what to do, how to think, and who to hate. I mean Beck has told his followers he’s a circus clown, and they still do what he says. I’m telling ya, fear is the mindkiller!

I seem to recall John Dean saying that about 19% of the public has a strong preference for authoritarian leadership and that that 19% is largely Republican, which is around 30% of the public.  So about two-thirds of Republicans presumably prefer authoritarian leadership.

Pull out our pocket Constitutions?  Good lord.  And apparently they missed the news that the text of Obama’s mooslosochulistokenyanantimurkan speech was available for them to read ahead of time.

even topics like that quickly degenerate into howling denunciations of fellow mommy patriots for insufficient patriotism.

That’s actually tempting me to go sign up and maybe roil the waters a little.  Do you think mommies get banned?

Just for shits and giggles, instead of carrying around a Pocket Constitution anymore (and I truly did for a while - the Heritage Foundation was nice enough to send me one once), I found an Android version that I now keep on my phone.

My understanding is that there are BB and iPhone versions as well.

Us Constitution-destroyers need to be up on the latest technology whilst our other half is laying in survival heirloom seeds and chemical water filtration tabs.

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