The Pontiac Stinger

“Almost as much a condo as a car.”

And, no, this isn’t an SNL parody.  Pontiac really produced these in ‘89. [via Everything Is Terrible]

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$2 mill for something that looks like a bomb went off in Commander Salamander.

No wonder Detroit is hosed.

I mean look at this shit. It’s the model for their groovy new car and you can see it decaying before your eyes. I thought the steering wheel was going to fall off. Fit? Finish? Forget it! We’ll paint it lime green and buyers won’t be able to see what they’re getting.

I wonder how many times they had to glue things back together while they shot the commercial.


Sorry. Poorly designed cars make me rant.

OMG, it’s the Aztek’s daddy.

In support of the Aztek’s intended role as an accoutrement for a youthful, active lifestyle it offered a number of novel options/accessories, such as a center console that doubled as a removable cooler, a tent/inflatable mattress package that along with a built-in air compressor allowed the Aztek to double as a camper. Extending this image was a seatback mounted backpack, and a number of specialty racks for bicycles, canoes, snowboards and other such objects.

Sorry I must be one of those people with no taste because I actually like it.

Why don’t they bring something like that back, but without the removable side doors for safety reasons?

I think it’s more of miniature fraternity house than a condo - unless the condo is a bachelor’s pad.  And the neon green color would totally match those boss polyester double knit leisure suits!

Christ, how lame were America’s extinct car companies –– Nash, Packard, etc. –– to have been driven out of business by the pathetic surviving “Big Three” automakers?

I had a Malibu Barbie who would have loved that car, if it were just pink instead of green.

Now if the stick-shift doubled as a vibrator, you’d really have something…

aaaach, who wants to drive a car where people can see you scratching your stuff?

In watching that it seemed like one of those infomercials for tupperware or ginsu knives.

And that’s not all! You get not one, but 2 vacuum cleaners.  If you order now, we’ll also throw in a portable tool kit, and for JUST $20 more (for Shipping & Handling) you get a FREE Cooler!!

Saying you spend only $2m to design a car is pathetic.  That’s it??

They should spend 10x that to design the car right & make it cost efficient to produce & run.

Now if the stick-shift doubled as a vibrator, you’d really have something…

This is an American car, Americans don’t ‘do’ stick shifts

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