The Real “L” Word: Hillary Clinton Episode


Forging ever onward on his earthly mission, Bryan Fischer, Dude-of-all-Trades for the American Family Association, has outed Hillary Clinton lest she try to get her hands on the the helm of our rickety ship of state sometime in the near future.

Fischer, who has his very own sheltered workshop on talk radio, made his blockbuster announcement thusly:

“. . . the bottom line is that if Hillary Clinton becomes president in 2016 she will not only be our first female president she could be our first lesbian president.”

The authoritative source for Fischer’s scoop is none other than Gennifer Flowers, award-winning expert on the sex lives of the Clintons, who told a Daily Mail interviewer, [the UK’s National Enquirer wannabe], that the Secretary of Explaining Things told her, his own self, that Hill is bisexual.

[Obviously, Fischer believes that “lesbian” = “bisexual.”  It’s all just one big disgusting orgy.]

Never timid about jumping the journalistic shark, Fischer figures it’s not out of the question that bisexual-lesbian Clinton is currently conducting an affair with her lipstick-lesbian aide, Huma Abedin.  More on that after Fischer investigates some of Carlos Danger’s back texts.

This current exposé marks a subtle sea-change in Fischer’s opinion about Clinton’s electability because it wasn’t too long ago that he predicted that:

Americans would never elect Hillary Clinton as president because she is simply too old and too saggy.

Guess that was before he looked at Hill through the eyes of hot girl-on-girl love . . .

Fischer, an ordained minister and no stranger to controversy, has dedicated his life to muckraking in an effort to save America from the depredations of the Left, even if it now keeps him from being invited to outings like the Value Voter’s annual shindig for being just a little too “conservative.”

Let’s not forget that it was Fischer who first raised the alarm that Barack Obama “despises the constitution, ... nurtures a hatred for the white man”, and aims to “destroy capitalism.”

Phew! that’s an ambitious agenda . . .

On the issue of religion and tax policy, Fischer puts on his round collar and teaches us that progressive income taxes and estate taxes violate the Eighth and Tenth Commandments, because by taxing the income and estates of the well off, the government “steals and covets” their wealth.

And, fortunately, Hillary is past her childbearing days because if she and Huma were to take up housekeeping in the White House, with children, Fischer would feel obliged to kidnap said First Children and get ‘em aboard the Christian Underground Railroad to be repatriated to “normal homes.”

In the face of this informational and spiritual overload, I have only one thing to say:


Video Viewing Tip:

Eat the popcorn first, then use the bag for sick bag.

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Apparently Gennifer is now writing a sex advice column and needs to gin up a little publicity.

As for Bryan Fischer he continues to earn his status as society’s genital wart.

Hello Bette,
I don’t know why people are acting surprised about Hillary. Apparently memory is short.

Back in the 90s Hillary’s roommate at Wellesley suggested she liked girls. (You mean there are lesbians as Wellesley !?! Next they’ll be telling us there are lesbians at Radcliffe and Vassar!)

I remember at one of her rallies some lesbian advocate said something to the effect of “thank God we finally have a candidate we can f**k!”

Personally, my suspicion is that she is AC/DC, but political calculations based on the directions of one’s libido may not mean as much as it used to.  After all, Cheney’s daughter is out of the closet, and he has made it clear he is all for her and very supportive. (Yes! startling news! And a lot of straight conservatives have gay and lesbian friends!)

You know Amherst, I look for your nym and immediately avoid reading anything you write.  I’m assuming you’re backing up Fischer for his lesbo-hate, because truly, I expect nothing less from you than the usual crap that falls from the wingnutOsphere.  Go play somewhere else.

Yes, *Formerly Amherst*, why do you continue to haunt us with your loony would-be aphorisms?  Whether or not Hillary Clinton is a lesbian or bisexual or just plain old hetero married to Bill doesn’t mean jack shit!  You and the R’s will do their best to throw every piece of red meat at her that they can conjure up but she just may be the nominee in 2016.  And the Rethugs got nothing but loonies to throw up against her.

First of all Amherst, why should it matter what her sexuality is, & secondly, what fucking business is it of yours?

Here’s a newsflash for you, go look up the meaning of the word hypocrite, because that’s what all those straight conservatives are who have gay & lesbian friends. Kind of like someone who professes to have black & minority friends, but still puts on the white sheet at night to go down with the rest of the good ol’ boys to the local Klavern.

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