The Remarkable Service of Senator Daniel Inouye Will Be Long Remembered

Senator Daniel Inouye, the second-longest serving senator in the US Senate, has died at the age of 88, after a remarkable lifetime of service to his state and his country.  He lived in interesting times and lived up to their challenges with valor and integrity.  But at base, he was a really decent guy. Aloha,  Senator.

Posted by Vixen Strangely on 12/17/12 at 08:58 PM • Permalink

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He served with these men

Comment by HumboldtBlue on 12/17/12 at 10:03 PM

The service they did for their country in spite of the disrespect we did to themselves and their families is humbling.

He was the real deal… a true hero and a true public servant.


Read this for a description of his feats in WWII. The man was amazing.

Comment by Beauzeaux on 12/18/12 at 09:05 PM
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