The Return of StrangeAppar8us!

Tune into on Thursday July 26th for the triumphant return of StrangeAppar8us. He recently dictated a post to Mrs. Polly during one of her many visits to Pittsburgh to take care of our pal and we’re very excited to give you a heads up about it. Please spread the word and come on by this Thursday at approximately 10:30 AM ET. People will be thanked, secrets will be revealed, you will laugh and cry, and Mrs. Polly will be reading all of your comments to Strange as they come in. See you then.—Your Semi-Retired Blog Founder

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Whoa! Appointment blog-reading.

This is splendid news. I was just thinking that this election cycle is missing a voice.

Best news I’ve read in ages. Hurrah!

Sorry, work, you’re going to have to be half-assed.  Something important’s just come up.

YAY!  Finally some good news.

Thank you for the wonderful news.  Looking forward it!

Now, that is good news.  Now, what’s the word on Hunger Tallest Palin?  He hasn’t been around the t00bz for months, and some of us are worried about him.

This is fabulous news!

BBBB, I wish we had some news on HTP too.  He hasn’t communicated with anyone.  We are worried too and we miss him.

Oh wow, I’m glad to hear this, and I’m glad to hear he’s doing fine. He’s fucking awesome~

First of all, I’m just excited and relieved to hear a positive update about Strange, period!

He is beloved by many and dearly missed!

...That we will get to enjoy his particular wit and insights on here again…well, now that truly is a gift and a blessing for all…!

Please spread the word

I’m blogwhoring it everywhere I go!  Yay for Strange!

Very good news, and we need good news this week.

This is wonderful news.

Happy dance!

Sadly, I’m asleep at that time (up all night, literally), but I’m glad to hear he’s going to post! Will definitely check in as soon as I’m awake enough to do so.

Keep getting well, dude!

As a born and raised Pittsburgher, though now living elsewhere, I have always loved the voice of StrangeAppar8tus.  I will be there.

Outstanding news!

Man, great news!

Something good to look forward to!

Awesome news! And it was thoughtfully scheduled for my west coast “drink coffee before going to work” time (7:30 PDT).

Kevin, this is fabulous news!!! 

I’m crying already and it’s not even Thursday.

Will be there with bells on.


This is most excellent news!  I can’t wait til Thursday!

Speaking of folks who have not been heard from in quite some time, anyone know how oblomova and kre8ter (sp?) are doing?

Huzzah!  Huzzah!

Woot!  It’ll be 2.30am here but I’m sure my insomnia won’t let me down.

I won’t be able to be here, thanks to a doctor’s appointment. But (looks around sheepishly) HUGS ANYWAY!

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