The Shah Sleeps in Lee Harvey’s Bunk Bed

From Pitchfork:

Gibby Haynes—de facto leader of the exponentially unfathomable, long running psych-punk-whatever amalgamators Butthole Surfers—will join a cadre of kiddies from the Paul Green School of Rock for a series of six dates in February (one, on the 12th, has yet to be confirmed). And together they’ll play Butthole Surfers material.

The Paul Green School—featured in the documentary film Rock School and not the similarly titled Jack Black/Richard Linklater film School of Rock—is a network of intensive music training programs for kids aged 8-18, and the school’s “All Stars” often pay tribute to and even gig out with famed musicians many years their senior.

Pitchfork seems a little shocked by this decision, but, c’mon, think about how righteous it would be to hear a choir of kids chiming in on “Lady Sniff”? I can’t imagine anything more beautiful.

MP3s: “Lady Sniff” & more.

NEW YORK SHOW: 2/17/08, Highline Ballroom

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