The shame of it all


President Obama was born in Hawaii. Hawaii is a state in the United States of America. Obama is over 35 years old. He’s constitutionally qualified to be president. He won the election. That should have been the end of the story about Obama’s eligibility.

But there is something about this particular president that an alarming number of people find so unacceptable that they are willing to entertain absurd fantasies and believe obvious lies to avoid admitting the truth: that Barack Obama is the President of the United States.

Why? Because he’s black. There really is no other explanation for it as far as I’m concerned. If anyone has another plausible explanation, I’m all ears, but what the fuck else could it be about?

Even though I have always believed this birther bullshit is about race, I’ve spent months laughing at the birther morons. Reacting with amusement and scorn rather than anger and sadness is partially a function of how I deal with shit in general. But in this case, it’s at least in part attributable to the fact that I’m a white chick and thus entitled to the privileges thereunto appertaining.

Now I think maybe my reaction was inappropriate or at least insufficient. This video (via Angry Black Lady) is what changed my mind:

Mr. Thurston is correct: Trump basically said, “Nigger, show your papers.” And because vast swaths of the electorate and many, many cynical hacks in local, state and federal politics who avidly (Broun, Trump, etc.) or subtly (Boehner, Bachmann, Palin, etc.) endorsed the birther nonsense to profit from the dog whistles it emits refused to let this ridiculous lie die, the President of the United States had to produce his papers.

You know what? That really sucks. It’s shameful. It’s hurtful. And Mr. Thurston was correct about something else: Trump should pay a price for pimping this embarrassing lie. I’m not a big boycott proponent, but I think Rumproast pal Allan is onto something here.

As for all the wingnuts and PUMA lunatics who are once again whining about being called racists, there’s a really simple way to avoid that, assholes: Stop being goddamned racists! Really! It’s that simple.

Disagree with Obama’s policies all you want. Piss and moan about the 2008 primaries until your last living acquaintance hides under the bed when you visit. Knock yourselves out! Just stop it with the birther and Affirmative Action bullshit. Really. Stop it. The shame of it all is becoming unbearable.

Posted by Betty Cracker on 04/28/11 at 10:08 AM • Permalink

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A++++, Ms. Cracker.

Thanks Betty. I’ll inform the FEMACORN Panther squads that you are too be spared come the revolution.

I was late to this party yesterday due to work shit, but I did hear Baratunde and he nailed it.  And Betty nailed it.  I was starting a similar post in note pad, but am glad you got to it before me, Betty.

I was disturbed to tears yesterday finding the fact that our President essentially was forced to show his “free papers”.

Can you imagine what young African Americans are feeling about all of this?  You work your ass off, get good grades, get into Columbia and then Harvard.  You get elected president of the law review and graduate magna cum laude.  You go into a poor community and try to help.  You marry into a stable marriage and produce two beautiful children who you hope to make life better for.  You get elected to your state assembly, the US Senate and then President of the United States.

And once you get all that, a damned good chunk of white people say its all wrong.  There’s no fucking way on earth this negro could have all these things without fraud, forgery, affirmative action, criminal intent, crack and gay sex on the low down.

Yeah, I’d say fuck you white people and your society, too.

I didn’t come here last night because I thought I heard somewhere that there’s no crying in Roasterball.

I’m about done with Josh Marshall’s place, too. Not only do they rarely update, but TPM is all about what the GOP is doing, rarely covering Dems unless it’s to dig up scandals about them. Also, too, he’s doubling down on the birther shit, and having to look at the Taint’s ugly mug is just too much.

Mr. Thurstons’s video needs to be spread far and wide.

Well done, Ms. Cracker

I found myself not only weeping but covering my face with my hands in shame while watching that video.

Well done, Betty~~how could this disgraceful movement be interpreted as anything else but racism by any sane individual?

There is no end to the viciousness directed at this man, his wife, and his deceased mother by these supposed “Christians,” who seem to believe that merely by falling in love with a Kenyan, Obama’s white mother was automatically a time-traveling tart who could have had a child by any man of color—Malcom X or Frank Davis (who, both being American citizens, would have satisfied even De Vatel’s citizenship requirements, but never mind).

Can you imagine what young African Americans are feeling about all of this?

No longer young, but I can tell you that: Not. Surprised. Vindicated, also.

Citizens with one (or two) foreign-born parents* far from jazzed about this crap either. And the GOP will no doubt respond to their plummeting numbers among all minority voters by ramping up disenfranchisment efforts.

*Provided the parent isn’t Caucasian. Exhibit A is the Half-Scottish tRumpling who wasn’t laughed out of existence when he produced a document that was NOT a birth certificate.

I’ve felt angry and disgusted and distressed since yesterday.  This video lays bare the root of those feelings.  I sent it to NBC in some vague hope that they would understand how Trump’s vicious nonsense made people feel.  (No, I’m not naive enough to think they care but it made me feel slightly better ~ as did the $25 I sent to the Obama 2012 campaign.)

@ Betty - full of righteous win.

@ Mrs P - sorry if I was needlessly specific/confusion over at Bad Fiction; I please tiredness…

There is no end to the viciousness directed at this man, his wife, and his deceased mother by these supposed “Christians,” who seem to believe that merely by falling in love with a Kenyan, Obama’s white mother was automatically a time-traveling tart who could have had a child by any man of color—Malcom X or Frank Davis (who, both being American citizens, would have satisfied even De Vatel’s citizenship requirements, but never mind).

Bear in mind that to many racists, Stanley Ann Dunham is even worse that Barack Obama.   

To their eyes, Obama can’t help what they claim he is.

However, SAD was a race traitor who SHOULD have known not to pollute her aryan uterus with subhuman jungle sperm.

I’m young and Black, but cynical as hell.

I work for a civil rights organization that is a majority white organization (intentional, as leadership doesn’t want the organization to look too “urban” and therefore be taken less seriously in policy circles). That doesn’t bother me.  What bothers me is the civil rights IQ of the white people that are hired. During professional trainings which I sometime facilitate for staff, 2/3rds of the white people at the organization haven’t heard of Dolores Huerta, “eugenics”  or Title I.

They don’t know about these things, not because they are dumb, but because they don’t have to care. They have the privilege of not HAVING to know or understand the life, history or culture of a person of color (incredulously, even if it is their damn job.) At the same time, we are expected to be experts in everything white or suffer dire consequences.

So how does it feel? I continued to be angered and saddened by the intellectual mechanization that all sorts of privileged people - rich, white, straight, able-bodied - will go through to deny the humanity of others, all in a sickening attempt to selfishly maintain their own social status.

Shorter: Same shit, different day

Very well said. And thanks for the ABL links, Betty.

I’ve decided to turn my focus on getting even. This will be an object lesson to the GOPers who are thinking of dunking their pudgy toes into Presidential waters—that there are people in America who see what they’re doing, and that we have the President’s back.

Trump can have whatever business dealings he wants, can run for president if he wants, but I won’t stand by silently as long as a major TV network bestows legitimacy or honor upon him.

@HTP, word.  This video neatly encapsulates much of how I felt yesterday.  I’m the child of two immigrants and someone who got constantly reminded that I wasn’t a real American.

This hurts.  A lot.

@asiangrrlMN, I’ll cosign with eemom and other commenters at Cole’s joint: your comment over there was excellent.  It’s a pity and a shame that your words are truth, and that it is necessary to repeatedly state them.

Comment by meepmeep09 on 04/28/11 at 05:33 PM

I had a conversation with someone earlier today about this whole thing - someone who I would never have thought of as racist - and he said he thought it perfectly natural for Trump to question how Obama got into those good schools because well AFFIRMATIVE ACTION EXISTS RIGHT??? So I guess we just have to assume that if a black dude gets into a good school it’s PROBABLY not on his own merits irregardless of whether he’s ONE OF THE SMARTEST PEOPLE ON THE PLANET!  Jeesh.  And he did not get why I thought that was offensive.

And I’m sick of having people tell me the whole thing really isn’t about racism - it’s just, well, why didn’t he release the *long form* sooner, right?  Right?

Gawd I hate Amurika right now. (And totally excepting you guys - you keep me sane through these things.)

Oh, and agreed Asiangrrl - great comment!  If only the jerks who need to hear it will understand it’s meant for them.

And fuck you Donald Trump.  DIAF!!

These people do know that they are doing this in public, right? I mean, on the record and all for history’s sake? Jeez, what maroons.

As a fellow Floridian white chick who grew up in the depths of the racist 50s, I goddam well know racism when I see it. They can use whatever coded language they want but the bottom line is that an unfortunately large percentage of the American population believe that people of any predominantly brown color are not “real Americans.” Trump is below despicable and so are his legion of apologists, no matter what clever debating tricks they use in order to convince themselves they’re actually decent human beings.

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