The Snub

You’ll realize political lamesmanship has reached a level of stupidity (and inexplicable desperation) that is mind-boggling after you check out the rabid anti-Obama Hillshills, including the normally thoughtful Tom Watson, analyzing (and reanalyzing) Barack’s alleged “snub” of Hillary before the State of the Union address.  This guy sums up how I feel about this slap-fight-at-recess immaturity in a pretty funny way:

I thought the grownups were going to be in charge again. Now excuse me while I get back to drawing the REO Speedwagon logo on my notebook before homeroom is over…

Posted by Kevin K. on 01/30/08 at 07:45 AM • Permalink

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Sorry Kevin - I’ll try and be more thoughtful next time! (grin)

hey! moving to Istanbul was my idea…

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