The Starburst Effect

The only woman running in New York’s District 23 race, moderate Republican Dede Scozzafava, dropped out today, less than a week after noted feminist Sarah Palin endorsed her male opponent, Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman. Palin also endorsed Rick “Kill ‘em All and Let God Sort ‘em Out!” Perry in Texas over noted female GOPer Kay Bailey Hutchison. Interestingly, Dick Cheney is backing Hutchison. Sisterhood is powerful, y’all!

As I mentioned in the comments here, I fervently hope Palin turns her attention to the GOP primary race for Florida’s open senate seat. The winger candidate, Marco Rubio, has been gaining on moderate Republican Charlie Crist, though Rubio still trails by double-digits.

A withering blast of Starburst power could knock Crist out in the primary, making a senate seat the GOP would almost certainly retain with Crist very much up for grabs. However, since there’s no female GOP candidate for Palin to oppose, she might choose to set her Starburst on stun. Dang it.

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The NRCC and Newt Gingrich have now also endorsed Hoffman.

Palin’s picks will self-destruct in office. Meanwhile, the GOP will have plenty of time to regret McCain’s Hail-Mary choice of an obscure, unknown running mate with the power to galvanize the Freak Base.

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